A Salem MA Engagement Session

A Salem MA Engagement Session

We decided to re-visit the site and town where the two got engaged earlier this year. For their Salem MA Engagement Session the two just walked around Salem. Walking around casually, we got to chat about their wedding day, how the proposal happened, and enjoy a beautiful, warm day in Salem.

Engagement sessions never have to be a big to-do and I think often couples put more thought into the outfits, places, things to do — it’s not exactly a common feeling to be relaxed when it comes to having your pictures taken.

Every couple tends to tell me something about how they’re anxious to take their photos together and have never done it before. I promise it’s not as anxiety provoking as you think. Most of an engagement session is me mingling with a couple and letting you organically interact with one another.

For the Salem MA Engagement Session, the two picked out fall outfits with maroon accents.

Feeling Comfortable During Your Engagement Session

Whenever I get the questions of what do I wear or where do we go, I always answer whatever is most comfortable to you. I know that can be a little unsettling of an answer — it’s not mustard sweaters and khakis. But the reality is, it is the right answer…

For the most part, outfit wise, avoid screen prints or bright colors, and use the same 3 colors throughout your outfits. When it comes to locations and what to do, pick a place that has meaning to you and your love story. This is the start of documenting a journey together and it’s worth documenting it somewhere that has meaning.

For posing, it’s not really about posing or staring at the camera. You just have to interact with each other. The prompts that I use are not about perfectly doing the action but distracting you enough by doing something funny and awkward that you do giggle or interact organically.

If you’ve thought about your engagement session and need more hints check out this blog post.


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