Bachelorx party planning: Why hire a photographer for your bachelorx party?

OH SO MANY REASONS. Your bachelorx party is the big bang with all your close friends/family before your wedding day. This is their commitment to support you as a friend through your marriage. It’s a big freaking deal, not just a party with endless booze and strippers. So, why not have a photographer?

If you’re planning a bachelorx party somewhere epic (hello Block Island), this is a perfect time to have a photog come out for a few hours during your party weekend and capture some candids as well as more “formal” pictures of you and your friends.

bachelorx party photographer

With how crazy society is, we’re all working jobs, and lives, it’s hard to get together for things like pictures. When it comes time to order your albums too, this is a great way to tell the FULL story of your wedding.

Weddings aren’t just a day, they are a series of events leading up to this climax of life milestones. Why not celebrate that part of the process in your wedding album with some of the bachelorx parties, engagement session, wedding showers and any other events leading up to your day. Having the full story as a family heirloom will mean a lot down the road.

Doing something fun for your wedding day means unique experiences (hello floral crown sessions!) and images that you’ll want forever. Iphones are great and everything, but nothing beats a session with a photographer or taking a photographer parasailing with you! When you’re all chipping in too, it makes it a bit more affordable if that’s your worry. You can also ask the photog to grab a couple of individual shots for the ‘gram, LinkedIn or Tinder.

For more on bachelorx party planning check out this blog post about planning on Block Island.


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