Bedford Event Center: A New Hampshire Ballroom Wedding Venue

Formerly Noah’s Event Center, the Bedford Event Center has brought life back. Bedford Event Center is one of New Hampshire’s most gorgeous ballroom wedding venues.

After the national company went bankrupt, many of the couples were left high and dry. Some of the couples did not even know or were formally told anything. The company stepping in is doing things very differently.

The new company is client-oriented and is ready to serve its clients and deliver high-quality events. The company is honoring any prior contracts without taking on any additional fees.

That story is for another time in history though, as this is a serious new chapter for this venue. With a client-focused mission it’ll be exciting to see how far this venue goes.

Classic, timeless ballroom venue

This classic, timeless ballroom venue is located close to Manchester and Boston airports. The venue has a modern edge that many can’t compare with. With new construction, the modern venue has an amazing lay out, crown molding, modern features and a gorgeous interior.

The specs of Bedford Event Center

The Bedford Event Center has space for up to 300 guests split between two ballrooms. Walking in. the main entrance is a large foyer perfect for a cocktail hour. Walking into either ballroom are two hallways that are perfect for dessert tables or display tables.

With an expansive indoor space, there are tons of local options for outdoor receptions and portraits. Merrimack Riverfront and Bedford Heritage Trail are two perfect options for outdoor portraits close to the venue.

If this venue was up your alley and you’re looking for some killer ways to have the best couples portraits.


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