Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire

Let’s talk best places to elope in New Hampshire — cause dang there’s just so many. Whether you want a more city feel (Portsmouth!) or you’re wanting to escape to the White Mountains there are endless possibilities for a perfect New Hampshire elopement.

As an elopement photographer, we have the best tips on elopement locations for your wedding day; from Notch State Park to North Conway there are so many locations off the beaten path. No matter what you’re looking for: mountain, lake, ocean views, planning an elopement can be done pretty easily, even in just 90 days or less. A New England elopement can be just as epic as one on the West Coast — just take a peek at places like Cannon Mountain or Franconia Notch.

Getting married in New Hampshire means you’ll have to submit paperwork. Make sure to reach out to the local town and county offices to ensure the proper waiting period, witnesses, and more for your elopement day.

best places to elope in new hampshire
Prentiss Covered Bridge, Langdon NH

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: Urban Elopements

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hitting up a historic little city in New Hampshire for an elopement. Mountains and nature ain’t for everyone, so you gotta have options right? The little historic cities in New Hampshire line you up for historic architecture for your wedding photos, and lots of delicious food.

Portsmouth NH Elopements

Stumbling around Portsmouth is the perfect way to celebrate an elopement. Get married in any one of the parks, or on the rooftop/balcony of one of the many hotels and bed and breakfasts.

After, just take a walk around the downtown area for your wedding photos, and as a little adventure. You’ll find plenty of delicious restaurants, and coffee, as well as brick lined streets and historic row houses.

best places to elope in new hampshire, portsmouth nh

Elope in Dover NH

Dover is one of the OG, founding towns in New Hampshire — what a solid place to get married right!? Stumble around historic, quaint architecture after a beautiful ceremony at the Three Chimneys Inn or head over into the picturesque mountains a short drive away for a mini-adventure.

As one of the oldest towns in New Hampshire, you’ll also find some of the oldest architecture, and gardens. Check out some of our favorite haunts like the Woodman Museum, and the Wiggly Bridge.

Berlin NH Elopements

Check out this mini-city up in the White Mountains. The perfect spot for a couple who might not be down with the whole hiking elopement thing but wants mountain views. You’re going to get the both of best worlds with this little city nestled in the White Mountains.

Historic architecture line the cities, with plenty of restaurants or hotels to say “I do” in, or head up into the mountains. Find a spot shortly off the highway, it’s super easy this far north, and come back in for fine dining and spa treatments.

cathedral of pines

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: Elope in the Mountains

Whether you’re down for a multi-day camping/hiking elopement or you just want a quickie at the top of a mountain, the mountains in New Hampshire are the perfect spot for an elopement. Head up into Franconia Notch for a day, or jump out at Foss Mountain for a 45 minute hike to a beautiful overlook.

As a result of New Hampshire geography, the more north you go, the more West it’ll feel — with large undisturbed pine forests, and lots of preserved nature. No matter the season, the trails are the perfect adventure for a mountain-y elopement. The more “off season” you go, the emptier the trails — in season it’s definitely recommended to go up at sunrise on a weekday to avoid crowds.

franconia notch engagement session, artist bluff

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: Franconia Notch

Whether you pick the forever popular Artist Bluff or head down to Echo Lake, there’s so many locations to elope in Franconia Notch. One big suggestion we’ll make before we even dive in is to always check how popular the trail is you’re headed to. From June to October the parking lots can be overflowing at peak times in the day (ie. golden hour). There’s little cell reception making it difficult to meet up with others in the sea of crowds that accumulate.

The beauty of the Notch is that it is just as gorgeous year round, it’s just always a little different. Try it out in winter and see how you like it — you’ll probably be the only one of the trails. If you’re determined to hit the Notch in peak foliage season, definitely pick a weekday at sunrise. Everything’s prettier at sunrise anyways.

The big reason this spot is so popular is that many of the sweet spots are super accessible and only require a 10-30 minute hike. The most popular are Artist Bluff, and Echo Lake which afford panoramic mountain views year round. It’s best to hit just after a rain storm as you’ll get beautiful fog rolling over the mountains.

best places to elope in New Hampshire
Franconia Notch Engagement Session at Echo Lake

Hiking Elopements in the White Mountains

The White Mountains are another perfect spot to hit the trails and get eloped. The trails here definitely require a little knowledge and expertise. These aren’t just walks in the woods, the trails are in fact hiking trails. Many are a lot less crowded compared to Franconia Notch but require more work for the sweet spots.

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: the Lakeview Inn

Check out the Lakeview Inn up in Wolfeboro. Overlooking Lake Winnepesaukee, the inn is the perfect overlook for any couple to elope in the mountains without roughing it. Don’t be fooled though — you could rough it a little by meeting the neighbors, a herd of cows.

best places to elope in new hampshire

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: Waterfall Elopements

New Hampshire has a lot of a few things: wooden bridges, mountains, and waterfalls. Not quite what to expect from New Hampshire, but apparently (if you’re into nature) with mountains you get waterfalls. Whether you’re looking to spend some serious time enjoying the falls or just take those epic photos, NH waterfalls are a perfect spot for elopements.

Jackson Falls Elopements

best places to elope in new hampshire
Jackson Falls, NH Elopement

Up North, Jackson Falls is easily one of my favorite waterfall locations for elopements. Closeby, the Christmas Farm Inn offers a perfect spot for a low-key elopement. After, off you go on a five minute drive (door to waterfall) for portraits. The falls are accessible year round with the right gear, and afford beautiful, accessible picturesque photos. After, head back to the inn for a meal then straight back to the bath tub before heading to bed.

Elope at the Sabbaday Falls

Sabbaday Falls is one that’s worth the effort. A bit more than just a pull up and hop out, the trails lead up to an impressive set of waterfalls. A short loop hike, you can take quite the impressive array of couples photos here without heading out anywhere else. Definitely a more popular trail, make sure to hit it at sunrise in the summer and spring months — it’s closed in winter.

Arethusa Falls Elopements

Hike up into the mountains for Arethusa Falls. The second-tallest falls in New Hampshire, Arethusa Falls is another short hike with an epic outcome. A 140′ waterfalls, the hike is short and easy, and a little crowded, so another definitely best at sunrise on a weekday sorta spot. Although you might be grudging at the though of sunrise, it’s worth the bottomless coffee, and mid afternoon nap.

eloping is fun!

Best Places to Elope in New Hampshire: Elope on the Beach

New Hampshire isn’t quite known for it’s beaches compared to other states. The little historic towns that dot the New Hampshire coastline definitely make them all worthy of an elopement. Whether you’re going to venture in spring, summer, fall or winter onto the beach in New Hampshire, any of these are perfect for an elopement.

Hampton Beach

One of the more popular beaches in New Hampshire, Hampton beach is the perfect spot for someone wanting to lounge in a bath tub overlooking ocean water. The boardwalk offers a great spot to cuddle up and watch the waves lap without getting sand in every crevasse. If sand between your toes is more your speed head on down and sink into the sandy beach.

Elope on Wiers Beach

I’m not usually one to suggest a beach that doesn’t have salt, but here we are. There’s hundreds of lakes in New Hampshire and this one definitely takes the cake. Lake Winnepesaukee is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in New Hampshire — you’ll also often find gorgeous wooden boats on the lake.

Located on the south shore of Lake Winnepesaukee, the cruise ship for the lake docks here as well. Why not elope, and run away to a beautiful cruise?

Rye Beach Elopements

Overlooking the cliffs and rocks of New Hampshire, Rye Beach is a perfect quick little getaway beach location for an elopement. Just a short drive from Boston, sneak on up during the week or for a weekend to say some private vows and commitments.

If you’ve been thinking about eloping but you’re still not 100% of what an elopement is or means check out this article on some of our best elopement tips and tricks.


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