Block Island Elopement: Intimate Beach Elopement

Block Island Elopement: Adventuring on a 3×7 Mile Island

A small island off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island has 17 miles of beaches and 365 ponds to explore. With several marines, a few hotels, and plenty of options for a Block Island elopement, the island is a perfect New England elopement getaway location.

Getting to Block Island is quite easy: take a ferry from Point Judith, New London or Newport, take your boat, take a plane from Westerly, take your plane, or a helicopter through HeliBlock. Once you’re here, leave the mainland behind, and get on island time.

Enjoy a coffee from Persephone’s on your beach walk, or while exploring some of the many hikes on island. There are plenty of options for a special dinner. Whether you take some takeout from a few places and have a picnic somewhere, or dine in at any of the restaurants you’ll be in for a treat. Wrap up your day with a walk in town for some ice cream and a movie in our historic theatre.

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An Intimate Day Trip on Block Island…

The best part about a Block Island elopement — how quick it is to get to the island and spend the day getting to know the island. As it’s just a 3×7 mile island, knocking out 5 or more locations on the day of your elopement is a BREEZE. With Chelsea & Ryan, we hit the docks, the North Light and more.

The two made the decision to elope on an impulse. It just felt right, and they took the plunge. Together, they found the right outfits, a dress from Old Navy worked perfectly with the casual nature of the island.

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A day for just the two of you…

The best part about going out to the island is that we can plan a day just for the two of you. If you want to go bumper boating, fishing, spend some time on the beach, eat ice cream, jump on your hotel bed, who cares. You can do it. It’s a glorious day just for the two of you and whatever the two of you want to do. The island is your play space. Go play.

Block Island elopements can be whatever you want them to be. If you’re more of a spa day, relax on a beach type, it’s easy to book an appointment at Koru for a couples massage, and then retreat to a private-ish beach somewhere on the 17 miles.

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Eloping on Block Island: No matter the weather…

The island is a gorgeous space to host your elopement and enjoy each other. Pick out some locations that are going to be a little quieter and enjoy them. Whether it’s hiking down to a private beach or snuggling up at the hotel, there’s plenty to do no matter the weather.

On Block Island, there’s a historic movie theatre that regularly plays movies, as well as a film lab that offers workshops, and a historical museum, and so much more. Even the off-season boasts plenty to do or not do.

If you haven’t thought about coming out to elope in the off-season, do. The island is that much more private, that much more intimate, and just as gorgeous. A winter Block Island elopement means empty docks, empty beaches, and empty streets. You can take photos just about anywhere you want without the worry of crowds or tourists.

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Block Island Elopement: On Island, there are lots of hidden spots…

You don’t need to get married in the same spot 2343 people were married before, just hike the island and find something that feels you. With thousands of hidden spots on the island, finding something that’s for you and unique to you is easy to do.

Living on the island, I get a little bit of a different perspective for Block Island. Regularly hiking the island, spending time in some of the more remote parts to escape some of the crowds, I’ve found a ton of beautiful private locations.

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Make it a day or a weekend…

You can easily make it a day or a weekend — fly out or boat out for the day or make it a whole weekend. Either way there’s plenty to do and the island is small enough to do quite a bit in a full day. Chelsea and Ryan got married on a Wednesday — they went to Town Hall, got the paperwork squared away and from there we toured the island till we found the right spot.

When getting married on Block Island, make sure to work with the Town Hall to get all the paperwork taken care of properly. There are a few things that need to be taken care of on a weekday — hence why honestly? Just stay the week. Why not?

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Block Island elopement vendors:

Some of our favorite vendors to work with in New England live on Block Island. If you’re looking for the perfect little cake to feed one another from your fluffy hotel bed, check out Sugar Rush. Kate Musso also offers cake pops, and a variety of other baked goods.

For florals, we always recommend Mimi from the Farmer’s Florist. Mimi’s work is incredible and pulls from the natural flora of the island. Using locally foraged florals, as well as farm grown florals from Mimi’s farm, she creates beautiful bouquets, and crowns that are the perfect complement to any wedding.

The Farmer Florist also offers flower crown workshops which are a fun complement to the morning of an intimate wedding on island. Bring your closest friends and family together that morning to make flower crowns together while getting ready for the day.

If you’re bringing friends and family, there’s plenty to do on island together. Book a sailing charter with the Block Island Club, or go parasailing with your besties through Block Island Parasail. If you’re looking for a quiet way to start the day, have Jill from Koru or one of the ladies from Elevation come over for a private yoga session.

There’s plenty of island artists to bring on for music — find Wild Bill or Cameron Greenlee through the Chamber, or just give a buzz to any of the bars on island and ask them who their favorite island musician is.

One of my favorite things for a Block Island elopement, is a helicopter tour of the island. It’s such a beautiful way to start or end your day. Reach out to HeliBlock for reservations.

If you’re a little more into fishing, book a charter fishing trip with Rooster. You can walk down to the docks to ask for Erik’s availability that week. If lobster is more your jam, on the same docks (in front of Ballards) ask John Grant for a few lobsters for dinner.

If you’re looking for a few souvenirs check out Block Market next to the theatre and Block Island Trading Co across from the Surf, below the National. Both have some of the best Block Island gear.

Why elope?

Plain and simple: it’s easy. You are in control of your day the whole day, there’s no we need to do xyz next or worry about greeting 150 guests. You just go do what you want to.

The focus of the day is you and your partner for life. That’s it. We get to do what inspires you in the moment. You get the time and space to really sink into the emotions of your wedding day.

If you want to sleep in late, enjoy some coffee and a walk on the beach before getting ready for your ceremony — surprise, you can! Elopements can literally be whatever you want.

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