Block Island Family Photography: The Best Location Tips

Let’s talk about family photography on Block Island. There are so many locations for the perfect family pictures, and of course, there are so many different ways to do that perfect holiday card family photo!

Block Island is home to 1100 folks in the winter and about 34,000 tourists in the summer. It’s an incredible family vacation destination (and for weddings too!) to relax and unwind — take a break from modern-day society. What better spot to have a family session?

block island family photographer

Posed Family Photography vs. Lifestyle Family Photography

In family photography, there are two big categories that people often love: posed family photography (think holiday photos) and lifestyle photography (think more day in the life of, candids). Depending on what you want, it’s really important that you clarify with your photographer what type of images you’re looking for. Look through their portfolio to request the shots you’re thinking of.

block island family photos
block island family photographer

Favorite Block Island Family Photography Locations

Block Island being mostly conservancy land, it’s an incredible location for family photos, or any photos truly. There is so much the island has to offer for locations, from beach spots to more rocky locations and cliffs, and wooded areas. Rental homes, and hotels make for gorgeous locations given how historic Block Island is.

block island family photography

Block Island Beach Locations: Second Path, Grace’s Cove, and Coast Guard

Second Path is a beach at the …second path. I know, pretty obvious, but a lot of folks don’t know or understand what that actually means. To islanders, we all know it, but it’s the second path beach entrance on the right coming from town after Town Beach.

The beauty of Block Island family photography at Second Path is you do get a lot of picturesque options from the beach and dunes, to the view of the Sullivan House. The Sullivan House is one of the most frequented Block Island wedding venues, with a view of both

block island family photography coast guard

Grace’s Cove is another sweet spot. It’s down a long dirt road on the west side of the Island and has a view over the water that at sunset cannot be beat. It’s a great spot to get a few diverse images as there are some dunes and paths here as well. Usually there’s also a drift wood fort here to play in too!

Coast Guard is one of my favorite locations on the island for family photos. There are a few options at Coast Guard, whether you go all the way to the end, stop at the first hard right turn, or use the marsh area, the iconic location is perfect for Block Island family photography.

Family Friendly Field and Forest Locations: Hodge Preserve, Enchanted Forest, and Fresh Pond.

These three locations are some of my favorite. The greenery on Block Island is something magical – it cannot be replicated elsewhere, I swear. The iconic rolling hills is also another beautiful backdrop for Block Island family photography.

Hodge Preserve is located on the left hand side of Corn Neck Road across from Pots and Kettles. If you don’t know what that means, DM me, or email me and I’ll help you out! It’s on the northern end of the Neck and you can see the North Light from this iconic location. It’s a great spot to tire out some kiddos and dogs.

The Enchanted Forest is another great Block Island family photography location and is a more wooded area with a few peaks at rolling hills. This is a great spot for something more intimate mid day when the sun is most harsh.

Fresh Pond has a few trail systems around it that are stunning at any time of day. Definitely be mindful of the sun and it’s location here, it can be a little tricky. That said, Fresh Pond is an iconic location for a Block Island family photography session and is a great option when the beaches are crowded.

Block Island Hotel and Historic Property Locations: Spring House Hotel, 1661 Inn Farms, and the North Light

Block Island is made up of primarily historic properties and buildings. The iconic structures are amazing for Block Island family photography sessions and offer a little diversity to wide open fields and beaches. Although these are my three favorite locations, it’s super easy to use a rental home or someone’s home for sessions, as many are maintained so perfectly and you’re generally more comfortable at home.

The Spring House Hotel has the obvious iconic Adirondack chairs with the wide ocean view across the island. What you don’t know is that there are a few more spots here that can be used. In the back of the hotel is a sunflower garden that is incredible when the flowers are in bloom. In the front of the Spring House Hotel is also a small garden that’s a great spot for family sessions.

The 1661 Inn is one of my favorite locations for Block Island family photography sessions for a very simple reason: alpacas. Doing family sessions amongst the animals is such a quirky way to capture your family — and the pictures will forever be unique and amazing to look at. That said, the property boasts ocean views, an iconic deck, and stained glass front doors that are perfect for your Block Island family photography session.

The North Light is one of the most iconic properties on Block Island, making it an awesome location for Block Island family photography. What also is great is that it’s a long walk down the beach to get to — making it easy to get lots of diverse images for your session, and tire the kids out. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon?

If this doesn’t give you some ideas for your Block Island family photography session, I have plenty more — just shoot us an inquiry below and let’s chat! You can also book your Block Island family session by clicking here.


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