Block Island Vow Renewal to Christen a New Sailboat

Noelle and Ben chose to renew their vows in a very atypical way — you all know I’m a big believer of throwing tradition out the window anyways. Noelle reached out to me through a mutual friend looking for an officiant and then a photographer. I agreed to do both. So off I went for a Block Island vow renewal to christen their new sailboat.

block island surprise vow renewal
Surprising Ben with a photographer and officiant.

Noelle and I decided I would take the launch out to their brand new to them sail boat — you see, Ben over here (^^) had no idea I was coming or he would be renewing his vows.

When I arrived, Noelle got us together to pretend to take pictures together. Ben had no idea his Block Island vow renewal was coming…

block island boat wedding
Vow renewal on a boat

We let the cat out of the bag — that I was here to both officiate and photograph their vow renewal. There wasn’t a millisecond of a hesitation that Ben would reaffirm his love for his wife.

Block Island Great Salt Pond
Vow Renewal Overlooking the Great Salt Pond

When couples choose to do the non-traditional, it’s not always easy to find someone to jump in to officiate, sometimes jump in on a boat or up a cliff. This was a huge reason why I got ordained, to ensure that there wasn’t a hang up or a barrier to couples doing what they want to do, no matter how non-traditional it is. Living in your authenticity is paramount, living as you want to do, getting married or re-committing your love in a vow renewal as you want to is critical to me.

Reconfirming their love on the Great Salt Pond
Vow Renewal on a Sailboat

I wrote the twos vows, digging through social media and asking our mutual friend all the questions to figure out what to include and what type of service would be preferred. We offered up a dress to Noelle, but for her, going as she was — in a t shirt and shorts — made the most sense to her.

Block Island Vow Renewal on a Boat
Saying their vows during their vow renewal.

Block Island holds a very special place in my heart. And I’m one of probably hundreds of thousands that feel this way. I feel most myself, I feel connected to nature and the world around me. I can breath without the weight of the pressures of society.

For many couples, this same freedom, and deep connection exists too. Some met here, grew deeply here (living in terrible housing and working rigorous summer jobs), proposed here, got married here, grew their duo to a trio here. Block Island is the start of many couple’s love story and continues to play a prominent role every day.

Block Island Vow Renewal on a Boat
Vow renewal on a boat

Purchasing the sailboat for the two (the Dark Star) was a part of continuing and deepening their love story. Giving their boys endless summer adventures, connecting their family to the ocean, and having endless opportunities to disconnect from reality and spend time together.

I get the opportunity to meet couples literally multiple times a day sometimes. It can be endless at times and a bit overwhelming. Wedding days it’s just easy to be madly in love. But a surprise vow renewal? He came to the table with the type of passion and love that is only present when you work on you every day, you work on your relationship every day, and you genuinely love your partner.

Check out more about Block Island by clicking here. If you’re looking for someone to help you get married on a boat or on an island check out the contact form below.

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