Boston Elopement: A Winter At Home Elopement

This Boston elopement was such a breezy ezpz afternoon elopement. I met up with the bride and groom in Cambridge to take couples portraits before their living-room-ceremony. The two knew that photos would be important to them, so they maximized their time taking portraits.

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Planning a Boston Elopement

The two planned their elopement pretty quickly — for them it was clear what was important: being married. The closest of friends and family gathered at their home for photos, and the ceremony (and Korean food after!).

cambridge wedding photos

The two chose to take their Boston elopement portraits just as they walked around their neighborhood. Despite freezing temperatures, we walked around the block for photos, and then headed back to their apartment for the ceremony.

Where to Take Your Wedding Photos?

If you’re thinking you need some epic location to take your wedding photos, you’re wrong! Just walking around your neighborhood, I’m sure there are gorgeous gems to use. For this couple, they have quite the perfect neighborhood, but even just walking down their street together looks gorgeous.

boston elopement

An Indoor Boston Elopement

Wedding ceremonies don’t ever need to happen somewhere perfect — perfect can be your living room. The two eloped in their living room surrounded by friends, and family both there and on two live feeds for friends and family from far away to enjoy and share in.

indoor elopement

The two used a minister who has known both of them and their families for what felt like generations. He quoted an Elvis Presley song, and shared funny stories of their childhood.

cambridge indoor wedding

If you’re thinking of eloping there’s plenty of options out there. Whether you want to elope in your living room or on the top of a mountain you’ll know what the perfect location is. Looking to learn more about weddings and elopements? Check out this article about what you might regret if you elope.


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