What to Expect During Your Boudoir Session

boudoir session

Alrighty you decided to take that plunge and book that boudoir session. First off, give yourself a solid “thank you” cause it’s not easy to decide to get in front of a camera like this.

Next, I want you to take a deep, solid breath. Boudoir sessions are not about turning everyday people into Victoria’s Secret models. It’s about bringing out you. Nothing is sexier than a person that just FEELS sexy. It truly is all that takes, and I know that might sound a little overwhelming. Me and Lizzo got you though, promissssse.

I did my boudoir session in a field, covered in snow (still shocked I didn’t loose a toe), in just a suit jacket and boots, with some running shorts. It’s what I felt comfortable in and it’s what made me feel a little sexy. Getting to see the back of camera, I was SHOCKED at how I looked.

I’m a pretty typical hot mess express and I didn’t even have a hair and makeup artist but getting to be out in a field expressing myself and getting to know my body and my own sort of gunk around my body — which let me tell you there’s plenty, allowed me to take some space to learn just how sexy and pretty I really am.

Sessions with me are rarely like a “hey put your left hand there, that looks like crap” sort of experience. I really try to prompt you to feel yourself, and just exist — I’m documenting moments in time, to preserve them and allow you to see and remember your history when it feels really far away.

The same is true of boudoir sessions with me. I’ll be a little more hands on than normal, and a little quirkier than normal but for the most part I’m not going to be putting you in awkward positions or controlling your every move. I’m not after the Pinterest perfect or the Insta worthy image. I’m after you feeling vulnerable, comfortable, safe and sexy.

I start out sessions with some champagne, Lizzo and some play with light and texture. We use flash sometimes but often just use natural light that’s in the space. This allows us to create some really gorgeous imagery without pushing you to do a crap ton of posing.

I keep sessions short, which means we gotta dive in right away. To help you feel more comfortable to do so, I have you arrive a bit early (for hair and makeup) and allow my team to help pump you up for your session — the champagne definitely helps. Playing some solid feel-good music can make anyone feel a little sexy, so I keep it grooving when you arrive and as I shoot.

Keeping things safe, I keep them private for boudoir sessions. You’ll be in the space shooting with JUST me, myself, and I. It’s a contained space so others will not be just strolling on up into your session. They’ll be in hair and makeup on the other side of the door…

Before your session we can definitely consult on the clothing you want to wear, any props you want to use and what you want the end product to look like. I’m definitely not a photographer for everyone — again, I’m not out to shoot Victoria’s Secret models on the regular y’all — and if this feels right to you, let’s book. Boudoir sessions are great for any period of growth or transformation you’re making in your life and as an inclusive business, anyone is welcome. 


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