Brooklyn Wedding Ideas: Neighborhood Engagement Sessions

Walking around Brooklyn is one of my favorite ways to do an engagement session, especially for a Brooklyn wedding. Strolling around any neighborhood can create a beautiful, meaningful gallery. Connect with your Brooklyn wedding venue or your favorite spot for pizza. Either way, your engagement session is used as a peak into your love story.

Brooklyn Wedding Ideas: Walking around the neighborhood.

Just walking around a Brooklyn neighborhood, there’s so much you can take advantage of. Whether you’re snagging pizza at your favorite joint, snuggling up against some graffiti or grabbing your favorite coffee, there are tons of options.

Brooklyn Engagement photos

What to wear for your Brooklyn engagement session…

What to wear is totally your ballgame. You can look up some colors that go together on Pinterest, or snag a ball gown and tux. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should wear. This isn’t a People cover or a Vanity Fair cover — it’s YOUR engagement session. Wear what makes you feel the most you.

Walking around Brooklyn neighborhood.

What to do during your Brooklyn engagement session…

Always do an action during your engagement session — it doesn’t matter where your engagement session is or your vibe, always do an action. Whether it’s heading out for pizza or dancing at sunset on the beach, pick a thing to go do. Taking your mind off the camera means that you can focus on enjoying your moments with your fiance.

Roberta's Pizza
Roberta’s Pizza, Engagement photos.

If you enjoyed this Brooklyn engagement session, check out the Wythe Hotel — our favorite Brooklyn wedding venue.

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