Vermont Weddings: A Camel’s Hump Trail Engagement Session

Vermont Weddings: Camel’s Hump Engagement Session

We LOVE hiking — it’s a part of our every week, and whenever possible every day (Putney Mountain is AMAZING for a short hike). Camel’s Hump has been on our list for a while and when it came to Erin and Kaleb’s session this was the only thing that made sense.

Hiking for an engagement session

We’re connected with a lot of our clients via social media, and there’s always a few that stick out to us. Erin’s always has, as every weekend, rain, snow, sun, there’s epic views in her stories from all the places the two are hiking, and enjoying. Their wedding this September will be just a few minutes from the trail head for Camel’s Hump, so it just made sense for the two to do what they always love to do anyways together, just minutes from where they will say I do.

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When do you take off for Camel’s Hump?

Starting out at 3AM, the perfect time for a sunrise hike, right, we headed up the mountain, stopping every so often to take a few shots as we went. The couple spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, and so it was important to me to capture them as they hiked, not just at the prettiest stops in the hike.

Moving up the mountain, I was really glad the two wore what they typically do anyways. The authenticity of doing what they would normally be doing on any other weekend — me acting like a third wheel on a normal date — is exactly what I love about my job.

When we got to the summit, there wasn’t a clear view, but rather wet, rainy wind that would not let us take a breath. We quickly decided to head back down using the natural environments of the mountain to complete our session together.

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