Cape Cod Wedding: The Wagner at Duck Creek

When I think of my ideal Cape Cod wedding, this is probably within the top 3 tangible examples. The most important things were focused on: their commitment to each other and their family’s and friend’s commitment to individually support Bill & Kate in their marriage to each other. (CUE ALL THE TEARS Y’ALL).

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A Cape Cod Wedding at the Wagner at Duck Creek

This wedding is proof that elegance doesn’t equal extravagance. Their florals were simple and had connections to each of them — the lavender bouquet a beautiful touch of simplicity against a gorgeous dress.

The jewelry hand-picked from sentimental memories, each item involved in their wedding day was intentional and had meaning. What I deeply appreciated about this wedding was the intentionality invested in every single decision made. No detail wasn’t mulled over and thought through.

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When I usually think about Cape Cod weddings, my mind drifts to the $50K-$75K+ weddings I have seen and been a part of on the Cape. Bill & Kate’s was a deep dive into slowing down and embracing every decision as one that has impacts, ripple effects and importance behind them. Their wedding was one that made me think about the little decisions I make every day, from the food I eat to where I spend my time editing.

tented wedding reception at the wagner at duck creek

An outdoor Cape Cod wedding

One of my favorite aspects was the reception seating. The numbering of the tables was in a sequence important to the couple — prime numbers. Each table was a farm table that prompted conversation and interaction. Food was served family-style so that folks would introduce themselves if they didn’t know everyone at the table and interact. The simple florals didn’t get in the way of cross-table conversation, and the decor wasn’t a distraction but rather supportive of peacefulness and warmness.

wedding ceremony at the wagner at duck creek

The reception space was unified. One set of rows, without an aisle, some benches were thrown in. This signified the union of the two groups of family, and friends — now becoming one family, and one group of friends, as two people became one partnership. The ceremony itself focused on the union the two groups and the two people were making today. It was a ceremony that was hard to not get invested in the words being shared.

first look at a cape cod wedding

First look during a wedding at the Wagner at Duck Creek

The couple opted for creating a few moments of tender aloneness. We used some telephoto lenses — 200mm, 70mm — to stand back and let the two share private words and moments with each other. Their love is so tangible and real to anyone that watched.

Blogging this, 3 months later, I’m still tearing up at how deep their love goes. I often remark on Insta about how my couples taught me what true love really is. This is one of those couples that I often think about when making those statements.

Both accept each other as they are, love each other for their successes and growth potentials. In thinking of my own relationship, it’s often Bill and Kate and the experiences I got to share with them, that have made me think about what to look for, and what I truly want. I want someone that accepts me as I am, that loves me for not just the positives but all those little growth potentials.

Wedding Reception at the Wagner at Duck Creek

Because of the smallness of the venue, we struggled to find a spot to do a short couples session. Both a little nervous about other folks seeing them and oogling them during a couples session and again, wanting some intimate time to slow down and embrace one another on their wedding day, we ventured down the road to a small shop. In the backyard of the shop was this little grassy spot where we had the two just interact with each other and enjoy one another. This provided ample opportunity for portraits of Bill and Kate.

Wedding day food is usually fairly pretentious and repetitive. Bill & Kate opted for a family-style clam bake that prompted lots of interaction and conversation between guests. It was a beautiful way to again show how their friends and family were becoming one group on this day.

As dorky and geeky as the two are (WE LOVE THIS BY THE WAY — prime numbers are hawt), the party was a BLAST. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chiller bride when it comes to red wine on a dress but Kate didn’t blink an eye and kept right on dancing and enjoying her friends and her partner.

We love couples that slow down and take time to enjoy one another on their wedding day. The average American spends $245/per wedding guest, and being able to create time for folks to enjoy one another and their guests is essential to us. Bill and Kate already had this mindset and crafted a timeline and wedding day that was focused on intention, slowing down and love.

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