Choose to Elope: Create a magical wedding day despite COVID restrictions.

Choose to Elope: Create a magical wedding day despite COVID restrictions.

More and more couples are choosing to elope with all that’s going on with COVID. I’ve heard some hesitations around whether folks want to choose to elope with some concerns to whether or not their day will be special and magical just like a big wedding is.

What people don’t realize, is that a big wedding is a production. It’s an event with loads of working pieces and people that make it all come together. An elopement is far less of a production but does require a little finesse and knowledge to have an epic wedding day.

choose to elope in stowe vermont

Ditch the large wedding and tie the knot somewhere epic.

Your wedding venue is gorgeous, I know it is. I get it. But it’s not as gorgeous as the view from Stowe Pinnacle, or from a boat off the coast of Block Island. Trust me… Your day can be just as epic as the biggest bougiest wedding day with quite a few touches that are just as epic.

Choose that favorite hotel to stay in or an AirBnb that’s a TREE HOUSE, stay on a sailboat, camp on top of a mountain. You have limitless options with New England and you’re going to have an epic day.

florida elopement

Focus on your special day with just the two of you.

Truly all you need for your big day is your marriage license, an officiant, and your photographer/videographer. That’s it. If you want to hike around till you find a spot that speaks to you, …that’s what you get to do. This day is truly just about the two of you.

You can be yourselves, without care or fear — order that brunch you want and sit in a cushy hotel bed snacking away on fluffy waffles and fresh fruit or go camping the night before and wake up to a fire and sausages over it. You can literally do whatever you want for your elopement (as long as it’s legal) and you don’t have to worry about what a family member might say or how to incorporate all of your guests’ needs into this day. This day is for you.

focus on you when you choose to elope

Celebrate with friends and family after…

With all of the restrictions binding up your big day, celebrate with friends and family in 2021, or 2022 and focus this year on just making those dreams come true and getting married. Having to plan a wedding once, now twice is not fun and I don’t envy couples who are navigating getting married throughout COVID. I know this is crushing dreams, but let’s open some doors and see if an intimate wedding could be a dream for your big day.

When you decide to elope, your day focuses on the two of you — there’s no need to worry about your guests or have to do anything. You do what you want when you want and you can change plans at the flick of a wrist because you’re just changing plans for the two of you.

Traditional weddings are a thing of the past — I’m shooting less and less traditional weddings and weddings with all the traditions. When you choose to elope you get to ditch the rules and create your own.

choose to elope somewhere epic

Create a custom elopement package that fits your needs.

Within the Northeast, we work with you to craft the perfect small wedding of your dreams. Whether you want to elope on a boat, at the top of a mountain or in a cave, we can craft an elopement package that works for you. After traveling the Northeast for weddings and as a writer, I’ve gotten to know so many hidden gems throughout the region. This allows me to make all of your dreams come true with an epic elopement day with the best vendors in the United States.

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