Cultivating Connections

Let’s start out by introducing badass Jasmine Villanueva. This powerhouse has planned and executed INCREDIBLE weddings in locations all over the world, with huge attention to detail.

It’s hard to put words to what’s she’s created and done — you have to see for yourself, and really experience the magic of events produced by Jasmine. She focuses on your guests senses: what are they going to smell, feel, hear, taste, see when your guests walk into your event. She’s good at what she does, and is an impressive industry leader.

Now to the guide…

Always understand who you are learning from before buying endless guides, mentorship sessions, etc. — anything from Jasmine is going to be filled with golden nuggets that’ll propel you forward. This guide for photographers is a volume of knowledge that has literally caused me to restructure quite a bit of my business.

With tangible takeaways that you can take straight to your SOPs (if you don’t have standard operating procedures, let’s chat), your CRM, and your Virtual Assistant that are going to make you stand out in your local markets this guide is an invaluable resource for photographers looking to grow their business and create a sustainable business. That’s a chunk of a sentence to digest, I’m going to have you read it again, hah!

Breaking down how to build better relationships and foster solid referral networks with local area planners.

Many times, guides just layout information that’s helpful but you walk away overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin with things. Jasmine breaks down the guide in a few different ways but what made it easy for me to walk away with actionable tasks was how she built out the Phases.

With the three phases, I was able to dedicate a day to looking at my SOPs to automate some of the suggestions that Jasmine has made, as well as build in time to my schedule each week to better serve my communities at large (ie. PLANNERS). With a better understanding of how to cooperate and work with planners to benefit not just the planner (and our relationship) but our clients, I’ve changed up how I’m going to execute our weddings so that I can best serve my clients (and ultimately build a better relationship with the planners).

I can’t give it all away.

So I’m going to tell you to go buy her guide. I would spend hundreds to have someone tell me these things in a mentorship session. No matter how far or early into the business you are, I’m telling you, you very likely haven’t added a lot of the processes that Jasmine highlights into your business. I’ve worked with over 300+ photographers and I haven’t seen a single one that does some of the recommendations that Jasmine makes — it’s wild to me.

This is where networking with vendors outside of just PHOTOGRAPHERS will take your business to the next level. It’s why we consult with and build out blogs around other vendors — learning how they serve their clients best allows us to understand how we can work together to be a team serving our clients.

Jasmine knocks it out of the park with this guide and if you’re not running to her site now to buy it, well, ya don’ missed out.

Check out this course about confidence with Amanda Lee by clicking here. Building confidence in yourself (and your clients) is paramount to a successful business (and ultimately life).


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