Educational Videos to bing during a Self Quarantine

We LOVE educational videos. I could rot my brain out with Love is Blind and there’s definitely a time and place for it (after editing a full wedding in 4 hours) BUT with so much time on our hands and the kiddos home, I think we all need a rundown of some of the top educational videos available right now.

The Cincinnati Zoo

With mandatory school closures, folks are POURING out educational content. By far my favorite? The animals. Cincinnati Zoo is live-streaming their animals and adventures. I don’t feel bad at all letting the kids watch this for hours, and honestly, I’ll probably snuggle up with some kombucha and chocolate anyways. Plop the kids in front of this educational video and don’t feel bad.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth, Binge Watch Planet Earth, Coronavirus
Planet Earth, Binge Watch Planet Earth, Coronavirus

Did you know that AmazonPrime has HOURS of Planet Earth content? No? Well, now you do. Snuggle up and learn all about the planet long before us humans destroyed it. There’s literally like 40+ hours of content, so saddle up for a week or two of Planet Earth.

Nothing is better than a 3-year-old learning the different Latin terms for animals and their preschool teachers will be so impressed with their vocabulary skills after watching these educational videos.

Art Museums

Google Arts and Culture, Art Museums, Tour Art Museums
Google Arts and Culture, Art Museums, Tour Art Museums

Thanks to Google Arts & Culture you can also tour museums from all over the world right now. Take a break from passively watching Planet Earth and play around with museums you’ve never been to and probably won’t be going to anytime soon.

Paris Musees & their online collection

The 14-museum collaboration in Paris has put collections of art online. What a perfect opportunity for an art lesson or to gain some inspiration while holed up during a self-isolation, social distancing hibernation. Whether you’re just sick of watching videos or you want to paint yourself and need some inspo, feel a bit of Paris from where ever you are by cruising through some art.


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