What to do for your Engagement Session

Ok, so you have an engagement session you need to book but you are STRUGGLING with what to do for it. I get it — it’s not like you pose for a photographer every weekend or even ever.

Boo, I got you.

Engagement sessions are best when you start to think of them, shifting that mindset, of a date with a third wheel. I swear it’s not awkward or as terrifying as it seems. No one needs to look like celebrities on the cover of People and honestly you look best when you just feel really YOU.

So what to do for that engagement session? Lost? Here’s a few options but before we dive in, I want you to first ask yourself and write down the following:

— Where do you feel MOST comfortable?

— What’s your favorite thing to do?

— What makes you really happy?

Is there anything you can pull from those three questions? Don’t think it’s weird to do any of your responses — we’ve done sessions at Waffle House, in-home, at the airport, and more. We’re flexible, as your photog should be, and our priority is shooting something that makes you feel really good and allows you to be really vulnerable.

Now to some options if you’re still lacking a bit of inspiration.

Bowling for Your Engagement Session

I am a BIG fan of bowling. It’s a silly sport that allows you to sort of just be a goof. It’s an easy way to break ice with others or release some steam. It’s also just fun if you let it be.

Bowling alleys are also typically pretty cool — there’s usually some neon lights or old vintage stuff there to play with. Plus, arcades.

If this seems like it might be up your alley, just do it.

An Engagement Session at the Arcade

I know, we just mentioned arcades. But why not? A lot of our couples tend to be into video games and why not showcase that — it doesn’t mean we have to stick to an arcade either. 

If getting pizza at home and playing Playstation is y’alls favorite thing, f it, let’s do it. We can either use your space or rent out an AirBnb and y’all will have a little vacation to celebrate with too.

A Book Store Date

By far, I absolutely love when couples ask me to take them to libraries or book stores. First of all, selfishly, I love the smell. Old books and that musk is one of my favorite smells. More importantly, it means the couple was willing to do something that resonated with them — which means I’m game.

Book stores are also notorious for gorgeous little nooks and crannies and lots of ways to play with the environment. They’re also just fun, and it gives us a great way to break the ice — talking over books.

beacon hill session

Let’s Grab Coffee

Let’s go fulfill all my fantasies of coffee dates by touring around to different coffee shops. There are so many options in any location that it’s sometimes hard to choose what makes sense. 

What I love is that with a coffee date session, you can pick a more bougie coffee place or like a gas station or a diner. It all works and will produce beautiful, unique images that really give you family and friends a peak into a day in the life of y’all.

Tour Your Venue

Y’all picked this place for a reason and getting to mirror some images and show y’alls growth is like a photographer’s wet dream. LEZ DO IT. It’ll be a blast and you’ll be able to really show me why you picked the venue.

Couples also tend to get really emotional and excited — it’ll start to feel a little real. So if you’re needing that like “OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED” feeling, screeeeetch let’s head over to that venue real quick for an engagement session.


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