Helping Others During the Coronavirus

Everyone is feeling some sort of way right now. Personally? Helping others during coronavirus will likely help lift your moods a little. Lifting others up always brings a smile and there is never a better time to support others.

Feed your First Responders

First responders are out there risking their lives every day anyway and now they have coronavirus on top of the normal crap that they deal with. The job is super unappreciative, to begin with (when was the last time you said thank you to a police officer for helping you out after a car accident) and now they’re expected to go to work without any increase to pay with the coronavirus running around.

These awesome kiddos are raising money to donate Girl Scout cookies to first responders right now — EMT dreams fulfilled right here. Have some sweet food from some of your favorite local joints delivered to the station or the hospital ER for staff. And no they don’t just like donuts.

Write letters to your teachers.

they might be relishing this break, but for real, they’re probably worried about y’all and scared for you. Just check in with them and let them know how you’re doing, what you’re up to, and the progress you’re making on the take-home work you were given.

Also, ask your teachers how they’re doing. Socialization and connection go a long way in times like this.

Buy gift certificates from local businesses for friends struggling

Your locals are struggling right now — snag a few gift certificates from them to use as you need over the next few weeks. Snagging a few from folks that are open, or restaurants for takeout lets folks know you care about them.

Getting groceries and toilet paper for elderly neighbors

Many are terrified to leave their homes. Ask if there’s anything you can grab for them from the store. Great options are canned soups, rotisserie chickens, oranges, bananas, and apples, peanut butter and jelly, bread, tuna fish and mayo.

Even just calling friends and family, neighbors, who might not be able to socialize right now can help a lot. Connecting with folks helps a lot.

Book your holiday travel now

Coronavirus is gonna blow over by the fall, so start booking your holiday travel with small, family-owned businesses now. Giving some of our local, smaller businesses some capital to carry them through this hard time will go a long way for both their sanity and their ability to keep the lights on.

So those are a few ways to help others during the coronavirus outbreak.


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