Getting Past the Coronavirus: Feel Good Stories Round-up

Blargh, all everyone is talking about is PANIC VIRUS FEAR CRISIS CORONAVIRUS. So here are the feel-good stories we all need right now.

Here’s the good stuff, you know, the feel-good stories happening around the world right now. And if you’re looking for silly date night options after this, we got you.


dolphins in Venice canals during coronavirus
Dolphins in the Venice canals during coronavirus.

So we know the Venice canals have been clear right. Now they’re filled with FREAKING DOLPHINS. Let me go find my way into Venice to go swim with the dolphins because that is freaking AMAZEBALLS and I cannot believe this is happening. Thank you COVID19 for giving us DOLPHINS IN THE CANALS.

A bunch of elephants stole wine and fell asleep drunk on the farm while workers self-isolated from coronavirus

Can life get much better than drunk thieving elephants? I think NOT. These little creatures decided to ransack a farm in China and drink some corn wine (who knew that was a thing) and passed out. Look at those smiles.

A second person has been cured of HIV.

LET’S SCREAM IT FROM SOME ROOFTOPS FOLKS. The SECOND PERSON has been cured of HIV. WHATTTTT. We might be not that far away from a world without HIV and AIDS… That is wild.

There are now contact lenses that allow folks that are colorblind to tell green from red…

WHAT NOW?! Science does amazing things. And recently in science land they created contact lenses that allow folks that are colorblind to see the difference between green and red. INCREDIBLE.

Toddler dances like a PRO on St Patty’s Day in Ireland.

Check out this video of a toddler learning to dance like a pro on Galway Street on St Paddy’s Day in Ireland. Toddlers are the best.

The COVID sucks and there are totally happier things happening — fill your newsfeed and your screen with them.

NY is stopping the collection of student loans.

THIS IS DEFINITELY UP THERE ON THAT LIST. Folks are gaining so much of their life back knowing this isn’t looming over them. Stress is a real thing and for New Yorkers they are going to breath a little for a while.

You can foster dogs during a self-quarantine

go foster some dogs.

Imma head to the nearest shelter and foster 12 dogs. Oops Nate, I brought home TWELVE dogs. Yessssss.

The Sims 4 is now $5…

the sims 4, coronavirus

YOU READ THAT RIGHT and that’s a damn good story for this late 80’s child. Go play and socialize and fantasize about all the things you’re going to do when you leave your house for the first time in 14 days.

True Boston Fashion

A bunch of Bostonians in the Back Bay decided it was time to sing Sweet Caroline. Who’s shocked? Anyone? Bueller?

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