A Florida Beach Wedding: Indian Rocks Beach, Christine + Nathanial

Enjoy this post learning more about a Florida beach wedding from March of 2020. We got to know Christine and Nathanial during their wedding day. The couple focused on the important things in life: family, food, and relaxing.

beach wedding florida couples portraits with palm trees
Couple’s Portraits after the first look

An intimate beach wedding in Florida

Christine and Nathanial opted for an intimate destination wedding in Indian Rocks Beach. The two rented an AirBnB that fit all of their close family and friends — so they could spend a week together before getting married.

Over the week, the family spent much of their time at the beach (it was a beachfront AirBnB after all) and ordered take out from local spots.

ceremony during a beach wedding in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Renting an AirBnb for your Florida wedding venue

Instead of going through a large wedding venue in Florida and having to try to find lodging or other amenities for their elopement, the couple chose an eclectic AirBnB in Indian Rocks Beach. One of the requirements was a beach so they could have a Florida beach wedding.

Having an AirBnb, being flexible people, the couple went on a timeline of their own, ordering Olive Garden for lunch and wings from across the street for dinner. For their Florida beach wedding, all they really needed that wasn’t provided by an AirBnb was an officiant, a sound system, a few chairs, and a little decor for their wedding.

Having the AirBnb also meant they could have a family vacation, altogether. Both families converged for their wedding in the perfect start to an annual vacation with everyone. Playing Animal Crossing and MarioKart on raining days or after long beach days, the family was able to have a perfect vacation before the wedding day.

The following day they went and saw dolphins on a tour, followed by more Olive Garden leftovers and cake.

Bridal portraits with palm trees
Wedding portrait outside the AirBnb in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Things to think about for a beach wedding in Florida

Timing is everything with a beach wedding! Too early in the day, and you have harsh sun to contend with. Too late in the day, and there’s not enough sun. When considering vendors for your Florida beach wedding, ask to see pictures of weddings done on a beach. It’s a unique environment, that folks need to be prepared for.

Different beaches can have different issues — for instance in Marco Island, the white sand reflects light up, making it really changing during harsh light as there is harsh light coming from every direction. The ocean can reflect light as well.

often with Florida beach wedding ceremonies, you have the couple and the whole wedding backlit by the sun. An experienced photographer is needed to navigate how to properly photograph the couple under these circumstances.

Be mindful of the HEAT with Florida beach weddings — it can get hot hot hot no matter the time of year. Hence why it’s always nice to have beach weddings later in the day, when the sun isn’t directly on the beach.

walking down the aisle during their Florida beach wedding

Spending quality time with your family and friends on your wedding day and wedding week

The AirBnb that the couple and their family stayed at for their Florida beach wedding offered enough sleeping space (and living space) for the entire family. This option gave them an extended vacation for their wedding, not just a one-day affair.

Having more of a vacation for a wedding allows real, intentional time with your family and friends during your wedding. You can spend time getting to know one another, having tours, playing board games and more.

When traveling down south for a Florida beach wedding weekend (or week), think about what’s in the area to do. Is it easy to hop over to a park for a dolphin tour or down to fish off a dock. Is their a museum near by? What are you interested and is there anything close that you enjoy?

walking down the road for portraits on their wedding day

Making your couples portraits reflect you as a couple

It’s so important that your couples portraits reflect you as a couple. Nathanial and Chrissie are relaxed, easy-going folks. For them, it made sense to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy just a walk.

When you use the same locations for couples portraits over and over, it doesn’t reflect the couple or their own vibe. Taking couples portraits isn’t about snagging the perfect Pinterest image but rather about creating unique images that truly represent the couple (both in vibe and the actual couple!).

sunset picture during their wedding day

The Vendor Team

Venue: Sunset on Indian Rocks Beach


Officiant, Decor & Florals: Tide the Knot Weddings

Hair and Makeup: Chrissie did it herself!

Attire: Chrissie found her dress at a thrift store.

This wedding was rocking! You enjoyed it too, right? Learn more about destination weddings with this blog post.

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