A Florida Couple’s Session: The Blackwells at Waffle House

While at Impact Wedding Summit I bugged Hannah & Crist to do a Florida couple’s session. Why the heck not pick your fav late night joint for a couples session? Who needs serious pictures — your images should represent you, be unique to who you are, so get into it! Hannah & Crist are a married, working couple — they are PHOTOGRAPHERS just like me! It was so fun to spend some time at Waffle House goofing off and just being us.

We’re totally into doing couples sessions on the regular. Life is super busy and making a date with a third wheel that has a camera is never a bad idea. Capturing your love, having it to hold, to cherish, through travel, illness, hard times and more is invaluable.

Although the average Florida couple’s session happens outside, at the beach or in the jungle we opted for something a little different — the middle of the night + Waffle House. What couple hasn’t grabbed Waffle House late night or after a solid hangover?

An empty Waffle House is the perfect spot to snuggle up and spend some quality time together. No crazy shooting fees, a super casual, relaxed environment — no need to dress up anything crazy. Just bring your best friend and order your Waffle House favorites.

If you liked this session check out our session at Hillsborough State Park.

  1. Ahhh this portrait session is so fun and unique!


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