Florida Engagement Photos: Water Works Park, Tampa

November to March is a perfect time to do your Florida engagement photos. Pamela and LJ chose to go to Water Works Park in Tampa Florida for their engagement session. Pamela is a gymnast coach and LJ a health coach — the two constantly laugh and are exuberant, positive people. Their wedding will be a BLAST and definitely feel like a big party.

An engagement session at Water Works Park

Typically Water Works Park is a jam-packed park, so we picked a time and day where there would be few folks in the park. Walking around, we snagged shots quickly while we walked around to avoid folks and having crowds in the background.

Talking with Pamela and LJ was easy, they’re easy to get to know and love to socialize. Because both smile and laugh so often it was easy to snag images of the two happy, joyous and connecting with each other.

Florida Engagement Photos

How to pose and prompt + what to wear for your engagement session

Here’s the deal: none of us are models, and there’s nothing better than documenting reality. Don’t think about the poses or prompts, let us, the wedding photographers, focus on supporting y’all to feel comfortable, and vulnerable with each other. We’ll time when to take the shot and if we need y’all to move in a different way we’ll show you.

When it comes to what to wear, wear what feels most comfortable. When you’re at ease, and not worrying about how you look or feel in the clothes you’re wearing, you’re more focused on your partner.

Techniques done in-camera…

We often play with a few different techniques and styles in-camera: free-lensing, using an iPhone for reflections, playing with perspective and getting high, getting low. Before a shoot, I often tell myself get high get low get far get close get tight get wide. Giving myself that prompt reminds me to get more variety for a couple.

Picking a location for an engagement session…

There are so many locations for Florida engagement photos. It’s hard to pick what’s best. Even breaking down to location, no matter what town or city you look at, there are a ton of locations that can be used.

Picking something that has different environments a short walking distance always works to your favor. Being able to grab pictures with greenery but also urban pictures within the same 2 minute, 3 minute walk gives you more variety for your engagement photos.

Water Works Park, Tampa Florida Engagement Photos

We had a blast getting to know Tampa Florida and our couple. Check out another blog post about Tampa Florida engagement sessions.


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