A Couple’s Session in Georgia; Wedding Portraits

Instead of a full-blown southern Georgia wedding, this couple opted for something smaller without a photographer. Cue two creatives who came together to do a little session for the couple. The South is filled with lots of gorgeous little pockets of history, and apparently, fire ants. These ruins near a military base made the perfect spot for a couples session. Romantic colors, textures, and of course Spanish Moss.

Getting together for a couples session can be so rejuvenating. Time to connect, to touch, to spend together, with just a photographer is so special. Slowing down to brush the hair out of your partner’s face or graze your hand along their shoulder… Slowing down to reconnect is my favorite part about couple’s sessions.

We absolutely love traveling to warmer climates for couples sessions & this was no exception. Even with the fire ants and the mosquitos the session was absolutely amazing! Soft greens from the trees, with beautiful golden hour light made for a perfect backdrop for the couples session.

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I cannot wait to do a Georgia wedding — especially in winter. The southern architecture lends itself to some of the most beautiful venues. Spanish moss hanging from all the branches in this park created soft beautiful light and incredible bokeh.


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