Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day: The Best Tips and Tricks

Let’s talk about getting ready on your wedding day.

Holy crud, your wedding day is HERE. All the planning, waiting, wondering, excitement, and your day is FINALLY here. Ironically, this is probably one of the biggest things you’ll do ONCE in your lifetime, that you know probably squat about before you decided to …get married. This is a freaking BEAST of a journey and you deserve all the ice cream, Netflix and chill nights with the soon-to-be partner-for-life.

The getting ready time on your wedding day is precious, sacred time — this is the time with your friends before you walk down the aisle. It’s the last bit of time you have before the party starts and all the chaos erupts into a ceremony and a wedding reception.

It’s also sacred because your mindset during the getting ready portion defines the rest of your wedding day. You want to have a BOMB getting ready morning. Let’s talk about how to accomplish that…

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Make sure you’re getting ready in a sweet location.

Lots of natural light, space, and amenities all around — let’s pop bottles, get pampered, and get comfortable! We’re going to dish during that getting ready portion and spend a lot of time together — hair and makeup is never a “quick” process.

Even if you don’t need a serious hair and makeup time slot, use this time as time with your pals. You’re not going to get lots of it once all of your family and friends arrive on your day.

Ditch the robes and wear something comfortable that you’ll use again and again

Everyone uses robes for getting ready. While they’re totally rad for a few different reasons, grab a few options for your wedding party! Grab some fun clothing — we’ve got a few options for you… Grab some matching clothes from a line that fit the vibe of your wedding — clothes that your friends will wear again one day.

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Everyone does the robes, and my honest advice? Use something a little more personal to you. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to pull things off over your head for hair and make up — this is why robes are so popular. There are tons of options similar to robes that aren’t the same vibe — try searching for cotton kimonos, or button down shirts.

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Bring some details from home for shots of your wedding day details.

Whether it’s that movie ticket or airplane ticket collection, menus from your favorite to-go place, or the first bouquet that your now-soon-to-be-for-life-partner got you, bring these personal details from home. These sorts of pieces go such a long way for your detail photos to really make the photos yours.

The hangers that dresses and tuxes come on are basically trash (sorry for the bluntness, but you know I keep it real) — bring some nice hangers from home. There are tons of options on Amazon and elsewhere.

How to have that easy breezy beautiful wedding day…

Always get a good nights rest. This is a long ass day, you’re going to need your rest! Get some extra sleep even just the week before for good measure.

Pack your accessories and anything else you need before your wedding day. You don’t got time for that ish on your day, so make sure it’s all packed before hand.

Order some solid getting ready food for that morning — by solid I mean avoid the Chick-Fil-A, and grab some fruit, a beautiful charcuterie board, and yogurt and other sort of easy-to-eat foods that aren’t going to bloat you or anyone else.

Put a playlist together before hand — invite your bridal party to add their favorites too! It’ll help so much on the day of to have some solid tunes cranking for you to enjoy while you get that hair did.

Someone needs to be the designated fire-putter-outer on your wedding day. This is the person that will carry the binder, the torch and know your day inside and out. Ideally, this person is a planner (I got the hook up on incredible planners, so don’t be shy). A planner is an incredible resource and the right one will save you money in the long run.

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How to make getting ready photos amazing and a breeze.

First and foremost before anything else just keep as much as you can clutter free. Designate one spot as the “shit spot.” This is where all the shit is going to go, haha. The extra shoes, the bags, all the things are going to go in this spot.

Preferably it’s a closet, the bathroom, just something other than right in front of that one window in the room. It’ll make us swooping into getting ready a breeze and we will crank through those pictures like it’s nobody’s business.

Natural light is KEY for getting ready photos. Us photographers and videographers love to play with natural light on your wedding day. Keep this in mind when booking that getting ready space — give us all the floor to ceiling wall to wall windows!

And with this…

Here’s the deal. Your wedding day is your wedding day. At the end of the day do all the things that make you happy and know that it is totally normal for you to have all the feels on your wedding day and leading up to it. We do too — we’ll get wicked emotional right there with you on your day and we’ve only known you during the planning process (plus we do this literally every weekend). It is so natural for you to be emotional and that’s what we want to capture.

Want more tips and tricks to an easy day? Let’s talk about couple’s portraits.


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