Our Favorite Hand Lotion: How to keep hands from drying during coronavirus season

Okay, so you’re washing your hands 103281 times a day. How dry are they now? Thank you coronavirus for extending dry skin season just when there was light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got some hand lotion options for ya to save your hands through this crisis.

Top Hand Lotion: Bag Balm

hand lotion

If you’re not used to balm, get used to it. Bag balm is THE BEST thing for dry skin. Throw it on, generously, and wear cotton gloves at night. Your hands will be baby-butt-soft tomorrow. Keep it by the kitchen sink for when you wash your hands.

Mom’s Favorite Hand Lotion: Aquaphor

aquaphor hand washing

Ugh, my mom LOVES this stuff, in fact, most moms do. It’s an eczema flair up’s worst nightmare. I picked up this stuff while nannying before I had my son and it works on any skin. Again, generous lather, into the cotton gloves your hands go and wait for morning.

The Best Natural Option: Burt’s Bee’s Almond and Milk Hand Cream

corona virus, burts bees

One of my hand’s down favorite options. My hands always smell so deliciously, and I find them to be less greasy then some of the other options. During this coronavirus outbreak, while you’re having to wash your hands 2394024803 more times than you’re used to, keep this right by the sink or in your bag so that you can use it throughout the day.

My partner’s Fav Hand Lotion: O’Keeffe’s Working Hand Cream

hand lotion for men

For those of us who work with our hands in caustic materials all day (HAND SANITIZER), this stuff can be a total blessing. Some men also don’t like walking around smelling like almonds and milk so here’s an option for those too insecure in their manhood to grab one of the other options.


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