Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Why a shot list is so important…

You’re hiring a wedding photographer, and folks are talking about a shot list… Like with Jameson? Kettle One? What? Shot lists are lists of the photographs that you’re looking to capture. We send you forms and questionnaires to fill out and it’s totally like having homework. [[triggggered]]

Let’s talk about why having a shot list is important. But first of all, what the heck is a shot list?

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Hiring a Wedding Photographer: A Shot list

What the heck is a shot list? It’s a list of photographs you want during your family portraits or other portions of the day. Most essentially, it’s used during family portraits to identify the groupings of family and friends you want photographs of.

You can also create shot lists for details, reception, and more. Often we chat about what are the essential parts of your day so that we can make sure to photograph everything you want to be remembered. Having a shot list for the rest of the day can definitely help — especially if you’re a Type A like me and wants very specific moments captured.

When hiring a wedding photographer talk about that shot list. Does the wedding photographer use a shot list? How well does the wedding photographer stick to that shot list? Talk about it!

Why is a shot list so important?

This day moves fast y’all. It does not move slow by any stretch of the imagination and there are so many ways things COULD go wrong, not that they often do.

Just like we stay organized with a timeline, having a shot list gives us clear communication and expectations around what images you want to be captured. Having a shot list means we aren’t going to talk through portraits, we’re going to WHIP through them — and that’s essential!

Y’all spend on average $245 per wedding guest and getting folks organized can be a ZOO. Having a shot list means on the back end we can organize the shot list in an effective, efficient way that allows us to push through those shots fast and efficiently.

Now that you’ve thought about this, here’s a solid shot list for you to refer and use on your own with me or another wedding photographer.

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