Best House Plants for Your Wedding Decor

house plants for wedding decor
Our favorite house plants.

House plants are the shit! Check out this article about the best way to incorporate house plants for your wedding decor. Grab some easy to care for indoor plants like a ZZ Plant, a spider plant, peace lilies, aloe vera, jade plants, a snake plant for your easy wedding decor. Green leaves are all the rage, and as the plant grows you can remember your big day by showing off your beautiful plants all over your home.

Easy to Grow House Plants

You want to snag some easy to grow and care for plants for your DIY wedding decor. ZZ and snake plants require medium light, damp soil to dry soil, and are hardy indoor plants.  

favorite house plants for diy wedding decor
Snake plants

How to Use House Plants and Succulents for Your DIY Wedding Decor

There are SO many options for using house plants, succulents and cactus’s for your DIY wedding decor and favors. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites:

cactus set for wedding favors

House Plants and Succulent Centerpieces

Take all of the house plants you’ve been collecting and use them for centerpieces. Scatter down long tables, or cluster in the center of round ones, and accent with candles or tall pillar vases. Either way, you and your guests leave with centerpieces you can keep and display in your home forever.

favorite succulants for wedding centerpieces
Succulants Variety Pack

Using Potted Plants for Escort Cards

Use your plants, whether succulents or cactus, as escort cards and wedding favors for your guests.  Grab a few chalkboard placards or label the pots with each of your guests names.

plants as wedding favors
Chalkboard Placards for Plant Favors

Decorating the Ceremony Space with Succulents and House Plants

We love it when couples use succulents as wedding decor. You can easily line your ceremony aisle with your plants and reuse them during your reception.  Use two tall plant towers and cascade plants that climb down to the floor or snag a beautiful monstera for your ceremony.

monstera for wedding ceremony decor
Baby Monstera Plant

House Plants and Succulents as Wedding Favors

Snag a 100-pack of succulents off Amazon for your DIY wedding favors. Succulents are great indoor plants, a super easy DIY project for you during wedding planning and make for a great way to remember your big day.  You can reuse the succulents as table numbers or table decorations as well as wedding favors — just let your guests know they can take the easy to care for plants home at the end of the night.

succulents as wedding favors
Succulents as wedding favors

If you LOVE plants as much as we do, check out how this florist decked the Newport Beach House in this blog post.

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