How to Pick a Makeup Artist: Jenna McElroy

How to Pick a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day…

I know, I know. There are millions of what do I do now’s and how do I do this’s — boo I got you. Let’s talk about how to pick a makeup artist for your wedding day.

Tip #1: Make sure they’re a professional.

It’s easy to snag a Facebook page and say “I’M A PRO MAKEUP ARTIST WHO WOULD LOVE TO DO YOUR WEDDING.” But are you really a pro?! Make sure that they are registered as a business (or doing business as), that they have a website, contract + invoicing system, and insurance.

A makeup artist is a vendor. This should be a professional experience. If something doesn’t sit right with you, grab the rescue boat and run. On their website should be contact info, past work, and reviews, and when you inquire, ask about the style that you’re looking to achieve.

Tip #2: Check all the reviews for a makeup artist.

Make sure you check out reviews on multiple platforms. Not everyone has perfect reviews and how a poor review is handled (hopefully professionally) matters.

Tip #3: Ask about what products a makeup artist uses.

Tip #4: Dig through a makeup artists’ images.

Comb through that ish. Use those Facebook creeping skills to your best ability and see if the images of past couples align with your own vision. If you’re more of a natural makeup look and every one of their couples are super glam, it isn’t the right fit. Their past work should align with your visit.

Tip #5: Do you vibe with the makeup artist?

A makeup artist is gonna be all in your shit. Like …all up in there. And you need to be able to be honest with them and say “I don’t like this.” or “I do like this” as they’re doing your makeup. It’s important that you’re able to be honest and real with them. That ain’t going to happen if you don’t vibe with them. Get to know your makeup artist before you hire — grab a video chat, or coffee, do a trial. See how you feel after.

If you like what you saw here check out Jenna’s website — she’s doing multiple brides of ours this year and is also our makeup/hair person for all of our New England boudoir sessions.


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