Traveling Wedding Photographer: Let’s Start Over…

2019 was the beginning — I opened in April and so much has happened since then. We’re official traveling wedding photographers.

Fire and Ice, Steel and Flint, Hustle and Flow have all happened since that fateful April day. And here we go with a little restructuring and facelift. This business is hard. And there are so many habits and standards that just don’t work for me — which ultimately doesn’t work for my client.

Before we get to the juice, let’s chat about who I am.

I grew up in NY, went to school in Boston, dropped out and moved to Block Island. I got into EMS on Block Island and moved to the mainland.

Here’s where the juice starts…

I was nannying for a few families and found out I was pregnant. A child later, I was picking up a camera again. I hosted a friend’s elopement on my back porch and it was like getting a taste of that perfect cup of coffee. You just want more.

Shortly thereafter I started nannying for a RI-based wedding photographer. That camera came back out…

150 weddings and 3 years later, here we are. It was quick and fast and beautiful.

150 weddings teaches you a lot, are you ready for what’s about to change here?

  • Engagement Photo + Video Sessions.
  • All-day coverage.
  • Sunrise/Next Day Portrait Sessions.
  • Next day delivery.

Let’s talk about the why.

Photos are great and can bring emotions out. Let’s bring the HYPE to your engagement session with a little video. All-day coverage just makes sense. (I’m gonna pick on someone and here we go) Makeup artists tend to run late, what the heck am I going to do for 2 1/2 hours while hair and makeup are tied up with YOU. Nothing. I’m going to do nothing. Well, I’ll take a few bomb photos, and then I’ll sit around for a bit. So my coverage doesn’t depend on hours, it depends on the product and the experience and what I need to do to deliver that.

Talking about what I need to do to deliver — sunrise or next day bridal sessions. Let’s talk about it.

Your wedding day is stressful AF. Why are we adding in an intimate session on your wedding day. Your wedding day should NEVER be about me, but those sessions, they’re ALL about me. I want you to party your ass off, not come with me and feel pressure to capture the most epic portraits in 15 minutes or less. I can make it happen, but is it worth the emotional energy we’re going to spend to hustle through that when we can just come back the next day (or the day before…) and do an EPIC intimate session.

Lastly, you like it instantly. How many of us still go through the drive thru at Starbucks? Hi, yes absolutely AND I send that mobile order in too… Yeup. I like shit immediately, so do YOU. So along with that all day coverage, I’m editing right then and there so that your first Insta pics of your weddings are your pro pics that you spent hella money on.

2020 is going to be a bomb-ass year. I’m super pumped for it. On the docket already is Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont… Let’s do this.\

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