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As a Massachusetts elopement photographer and planner, we have some unique perspectives on eloping in Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking for something ultra low-key or you want to ball out somewhere incredible, there are plenty of places to elope in Massachusetts. We’re going to break things down a little and chat about the how, the why, and the where of Massachusetts elopements.

Why Elope?

I mean come on, what isn’t there to love about getting married on your terms? Your special day with no expectations from others, or living up to the wants and needs of others — just you, your love, and whatever y’all want to do. That’s why I love eloping.

As wedding photographers, we spend a LOT of time listening to folks in the process of planning their wedding day. And honestly, we can highly recommend just eloping and having a big bonfire or backyard party anytime after the elopement. The process of getting married can come with a ton of expectations and needs from others — toss them out, and follow your heart.

With an elopement, if you want to skydive, eat lobster in bed, go to Wendy’s, wear your PJs, you totally can, and you don’t have to hear about how much you’ll regret it from others — trust and believe if you do what you LOVE and what you really want to do you’ll never regret it no matter how wild a decision it is.

You can elope in secret and still have a ceremony for your friends and family — using private vows for just y’all and using vows from an officiant for your ceremony in front of friends and family. Whether you want to elope in a state park or a Taco Bell drive-through, we’re here for it and ready to support you through the process and photograph your day.

Where to Elope in Massachusetts

Whether you’re thinking about a city elopement or an island getaway, there are plenty of places to elope in Massachusetts. Let’s chat about our favorites:

Cape Cod

Head up to Provincetown and elope on the beach outside of your AirBnb, or hit a sailboat charter and elope on the boat. Either way Cape Cod is a favorite destination for a classic New England elopement. Highly recommend eloping here on a weekday during the summer, but Cape Cod can also be beautiful year-round — and coming in the late fall, early spring or winter will allow you to elope on the weekends without tons of tourists.


Whether you want to do a rooftop elopement at Hotel XV, or head to Arnold Arboretum, there are lots of locations for a Boston elopement. You can also sail a charter out of Boston Harbor, or elope in the Boston Gardens. Head to a Bruins game after or have dinner at the Top of the Pru.

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

One of our favorite places to elope, set sail to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Stay at a hotel or a bougie Airbnb, and elope on the beach or near a lighthouse. You can also book private sailing charters out of Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket for your elopement. Highly recommend both in winter, early spring, or fall — although there isn’t as much open, there’s still a lot to do, and available and you won’t be inundated by tourists.

Southcoast Mass

Although the Southcoast may not seem like THE place to elope, there are tons of overlooked locations. Elope on Cutty Hunk, snag a bougie AirBnb in Westport, or head off to Horseneck Beach — there are many hidden gems in this region.


Out in the Berkshires, you’ll find little hideaways like Greylock Mountain, and Williamstown. It’s the perfect area for a low key, easy breezy elopement. Unplug and relax in incredible AirBnbs or stay at beautiful inns for your elopement — the Berkshires offers both.

How to Elope in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, you must have two witnesses for your elopement (other than the officiant). Often times this can be some of your vendors (your florist, your photographer, videographer). You do need to sign your marriage license, as well as the officiant and two witnesses the day of. Always reach out to the local town government where you’re eloping.

Massachusetts Elopement Packages

The best part about working with us is that your elopement package includes what you want it to include. If you’re hoping to have a one-stop-shop for your elopement, we can provide you with that. If you’re hoping for late night PB&J’s or a sunrise brunch on the beach — boo we got you. So truly the question is not what our Massachusetts elopement packages offer, it’s what do you want your Massachusetts elopement package to include?

Thinking about eloping and not wanting much that’s traditional? Read up on our favorite non-traditional wedding attire companies.

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi there,
    Please note that you do not need two witnesses in MA to marry or elope! You do not need any witness other than the officiant. Eloping is easy in Massachusetts. And there are many beautiful places as you have noted to do so including Martha’s Vineyard.
    Thank you,
    Jackie, Officiant
    My Vineyard Elopement


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