Mayday Reflection Confidence Course

We’re big fans of taking courses and continuing education. Amanda Lee, the founder of Mayday Reflection, put together a confidence course that is a PERFECT pick me up if you’re super nervous about your wedding day.

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What is Mayday Reflection?

Let’s back the train up a little and talk about what Mayday Reflections even is. It’s a brand centered around feeding your soul. Phrases on the shirts and apparel are for YOU. All are empowering and soul-feeding meant for you to read as you go throughout your day.

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The phrases include things like “Breath, you’re doing great,” “never settle for less,” “you are worthy.” All messages we don’t hear enough and we do need to hear more often.

The Confidence Course

Why take a confidence course? On your wedding day you’ll be around a lot of people, and shining as the Queen that you are is important. You’ll have a fuller, richer day. Saying your vows will feel more comfortable and being in front of the camera will be easier.

Amanda’s course touches upon easy ways to feel more confident when you’re in the spotlight or mingling at events. Amanda covers having a scent on your that makes you feel more comfortable with some other little secret tricks. She touches upon tangible ways to improve how you’re feeling in the room.

When it comes to speeches and how to do a speech during a wedding, Amanda’s course is a perfect way to gain some tangible tricks and tips to feel really confident delivering that memorable speech on your besties wedding day.

If you’re looking for a few tricks and tips for your couples portraits click here to learn more.

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