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vermont locations to elope

Let’s chat about some of the best micro wedding locations in Vermont. Whether it’s just the ceremony and reception or your whole wedding weekend, we’ll chat about a few wedding venues we absolutely love for smaller, intimate weddings and elopements in Vermont.

Northeastern Vermont Micro Wedding Locations

The Northeast Kingdom has a few Vermont wedding venues that we absolutely adore.  Highland Lodge is one of our favorite places for a destination wedding in Vermont, especially if you’re considering a week-long getaway for your wedding.

The best part about some of these locations and places is unplugging and getting to spend some serious sit down time with your friends, and fam.

Highland Lodge in the Northeast Kingdom

Head up to Highland Lodge for the weekend (or the week) with either just you and your fiance or bring ten of your favorite friends and family.  The small, quintessential Vermont bed and breakfast, is a perfect location to unwind and relax.

Lake Memphremagog in Newport Vermont

Up in the tippy top of Vermont is Newport Vermont and Lake Memphremagog.  A cute little Northern Vermont seasonal community that thrives on tourism, head up here in slower seasons for a quiet oasis hidden in the mountains.  There are tons of beach areas for a micro wedding or check out some of the local bed and breakfasts.

Hike Up Burke Mountain for a More Adventurous Micro Wedding

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, head up to Burke Mountain outside of St. Johnsbury.  Stay at a local AirBnb or VRBO, and spend the day hiking up to the top.  Hike around till you find a location that speaks to you, and go for it.

Northwestern Vermont Micro Wedding Locations

With Burlington, a short drive from any of these locations, enjoy a more rural location for your micro wedding and come back to a hotel in urban Burlington. The food is delicious and there’s plenty of really incredible locations for dinner and to stay the night (Hotel Vermont is a FAVORITE).

micro wedding locations in vermont

Lake Champlain Coast for Micro Weddings

Up in Northern Vermont, head out around the coast of Lake Champlain to find the perfect spot for you. Around sunset you could find a beautiful spot just driving around the coast outside of Burlington. If you’re wanting to stay out in the rural areas, try the Basin Harbor, one of our favorite Vermont wedding venues.

Smugglers Notch and Along the Lamoille River

There are tons of locations along the Lamoille River in Cambridge and Johnston Vermont where you could find a quiet spot to have a micro-wedding. Snag burgers at the Burger Barn on Route 15 afterward.

Walking Around Button Bay for one of the Best Micro Wedding Locations in Vermont

Drive out to Button Bay and walk around till you find the perfect location on Lake Champlain. A more rural location perfect for just you and your partner, head out for sunrise or sunset for the perfect lake front wedding.

micro wedding locations in vermont

Central Vermont Micro Wedding Locations

The Central Vermont area is about 2-3 hours from Boston and New York City. Head up for a beautiful micro wedding close to Montpelier (which has tons of amazing restaurants, PHO, and bubble tea!!, as well as a bomb pet store).

Franconia Notch on the Vermont-New Hampshire Border

The Notch is the perfect location for a micro wedding. Head over early in the morning and hike around the Notch till you find a location that really speaks to y’all as a couple. Whether you want to do something lake front with the mountains behind you (Echo Lake!) or up in Artist Bluff overlooking the Notch, there’s a variety of beautiful locations here.

Seyon Lodge State Park in Groton Vermont

A short drive from Montpelier, head here for an easy location to walk around. Definitely an easy location for those who aren’t quite as athletic, the Seyon Lodge State Park has plenty of easily walkable areas that are beautiful for a more rural micro wedding or elopement.

Find a Quiet Spot at Berlin Pond

The Berlin Pond is a short drive from Montpelier, and has gorgeous beaches for a micro wedding or elopement. Head out and forage around the area for your flowers before picking a spot to say your vows.

micro wedding locations in vermont

Southeastern Vermont Micro Wedding Locations

A short two hour drive from Connecticut, Boston or New York City, the Southern parts of Vermont have gorgeous locations for a micro wedding or elopement.

In the woods on Putney Mountain

In Putney Vermont, check out the Putney Mountain. Forage for wildflowers or stop at the Putney Coop for your flowers before hiking up the mountain to the overlook. At the overlook is a beautiful location for an elopement or micro wedding.

Stratton Mountain Fire Tower

If you’re a little adventurous head up to Stratton Mountain Fire Tower. Stay at one of the AirBnb’s or go a little bougie with the Stratton Mountain Resort, and hike up the mountain to the Fire Tower. You’ll find incredible views here and find an incredible location for your micro wedding or elopement.

The Overlook at Hogback Mountain

Just off Route 9 is the Overlook at Hogback Mountain. Stop at Dutton Farms for a bouquet for your wedding and head across the street to Bear Naked Brewery for pizza and beers after your wedding.

micro wedding locations in vermont

Southwestern Vermont Micro Wedding Locations

Enjoy historic homes and bed and breakfasts in the greater Bennington area for your micro wedding or elopement in Southern Vermont. A short drive from New York City, Albany, or Boston, the area is a perfect rural location for a micro wedding or elopement.

The Taraden Bed and Breakfast in Bennington Vermont

The Taraden is a gorgeous location for a micro wedding. Jump into the gardens for a beautiful, intimate micro wedding or elopement. The historic bed and breakfast is a short drive from Bennington and can offer incredible places for dinner. Grab take out and bring it back to the gardens of the Taraden.

Elope in the Mile-Around Woods

The Mile-Around Woods is a short drive outside of the Bennington area. It’s an easy, walkable park where you could elope in rural Vermont. Pick a few wildflowers or grab a bouquet from one of the local farm stands.

The Four Chimneys Inn: One of the Best Micro Wedding Locations in Vermont

The Four Chimneys Inn is a wonderful inn located in historic Old Bennington. Each of the rooms is a unique, luxurious, and spacious room perfect for lounging around. The town was built by British elites to escape from the city and the Inn certainly reflects the character and charm of historic Old Bennington.

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