A Narragansett Wedding | The North Club Beach House

An empty alter at the North Beach Clubhouse awaits the bride, groom, and crowd.
The Southern New England Area offers plenty of beautiful locations for an epic wedding you’re sure to remember. But for this Rhode Island wedding photographer, there’s just one place that I can’t recommend enough, Narragansett. An underappreciated gem, in my opinion, with one of the best wedding venues that Rhode Island has to offer.

Some may prefer the glamour and contemporary atmosphere of the Belle Mer located in Newport Harbor. Others may be drawn to the historic and award-winning site that is Mount Hope Farm in Bristol. But there’s simply an ambiance missing from both that can only be found within the picturesque town of Narragansett.

More commonly referred to as ‘Gansett’ by the locals, this stunning little beach town encapsulates the charm and beauty that Rhode Island has to offer. Visitors will find a wealth of things to do here. Take a stroll through the rolling sand dunes and the historic downtown area. While you’re here, be sure to take advantage of the abundance of boating opportunities that can be found all around. We just can’t get enough of this small treasure and its quaint allure.
A bouquet of white and blue flowers perched at the top of the alter.
An overhead view shows multiple rows of empty seats on a deck perched on the beach before the ceremony.

A Waterfront Wedding Venue For Your Narragansett Wedding

Imagine being surrounded by a rich scenic environment of white sandy beaches and panoramic ocean views. They’re absolutely sure to breathe life into the beach-inspired wedding you’ve been dreaming about. The Atlantic Ocean serves as the perfect backdrop for taking phenomenal wedding photos right on the beach. You and your significant other will cherish them for a lifetime.

The North Beach Clubhouse is one of our best-loved event spaces. It can be found perched right on the edge of Narragansett Town Beach, making it an exemplary wedding venue. With a commodious deck that overlooks the beautifully maintained beach and the wide-open ocean, this venue sets the stage for a ceremony that’s right out of a movie. 

This is where Nicole and TJ promised each other forever and where they began their new journey as husband and wife. The ocean witnessing their love along with their family and closest friends. A day they’ll truly remember for the rest of their lives.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking seaside venue to host your upcoming wedding, the North Beach Clubhouse could be the spot for you. They offer everything for the perfect wedding destination. They have beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean for exchanging your vows and celebrating on the dance floor. And with a serene and laid-back atmosphere, your guests will feel welcome and relaxed.

A groom and bride share in a kiss as the groom lifts the bride off her feet.
A bride and groom share a happy moment under the bride's veil.
A recently married couple stroll along the the white sandy beach.

The North Club Beach House: What To Expect For Your Perfect Rhode Island Wedding

The venue specializes in wedding events and is very accommodating. They are equipped to assist you in your wedding planning. So whether you have it all figured out, or you need help in finding the perfect florist or entertainers, they’ve got you covered.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff will make sure to carry out your every desire. They will provide you with top-notch service and outstanding catering options. And no matter how many people are in attendance, there will be ample space for everyone to enjoy themselves. They have all of the amenities that any bride and groom would want on their big day.

During the day the deck and the beach offer beautiful scenery and plenty of natural light. This will create stunning images of your wedding day that can’t be replicated in photography studios. As someone who specializes in wedding photography, I can’t think of a more ideal backdrop for your big day. And during the night, the stars will glimmer as you celebrate by dancing underneath them. Maybe you’ll even enjoy some fireworks like Nicole and TJ did to make the night all the more memorable.

Empty seats on a deck overlooking the beach and ocean await the friends and family of the bride and groom to fill them for the ceremony.
A close up shot of some of the table decorations for the reception include candles and sea shells.
A beautifully decorated table is set up for the guests of a reception.

A Brief History Behind This Rhode Island Gem

At one point a former shipbuilding town, Narragansett is now the perfect place for a weekend escape by the coast. This seaside town was once the focus of Rhode Island summers for long vacationers. It’s now many’s favorite destination for day trips to the beach and weekend getaways. Narragansett tends to lure travelers away from the more crowded coastal sites of the state.

In the past, visitors arrived in early June and stayed until the end of August, enjoying gambling, parties, and beachside fun. Today, Narragansett is still a local summer attraction. The gambling and three-month summer vacations are mostly gone. But the beachside activities now pair well with the mouthwatering food and laid-back vibe of the town. Even in the off-season, you’ll find surfers charging into the waves and the hotels and restaurants maintaining the spirit of summer alive.

As Rhode Islands’ safest community, Narragansett makes an ideal home base from which to explore the entire Ocean State. It continues to be famous for ‘The Towers’, an architectural landmark that is now all that is left of the once renowned Narragansett Pier Casino. During the summer, the population of the town nearly doubles in size. Many come here to enjoy the warm sand under their feet, fresh seafood, and the rhythmic songs of the waves. 

So, if you have plans to visit or you’re dying to have your wedding here, be sure to reserve your accommodations and venues early!

The hands of the bride and groom hold one another as they stroll on the beach.

A groom passionately kisses his bride on the beach.A newlywed couple enjoy a playful moment on the beach as the groom twirls his bride while in his arms.A newlywed couple sit at their reception table for the first time as Mr. and Mrs.Both a bride and groom share in cutting their wedding cake.A bride holding a slice of cake teases her groom by trying to get frosting on his nose.A newlywed couple appear on the dance floor for their first dance.A newlywed couple share their first dance together.A newlywed couple enjoy a show of fireworks.A newlywed couple share a passionate kiss under fireworks.

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