New Hampshire Wedding: A winter wonderland engagement session at Franconia Notch.

echo lake engagement photos

New Hampshire Wedding: Easy access on quiet days to Echo Lake and beautiful views of the Notch.

Chifique and Ghengis needed a location for engagement photos for their New Hampshire wedding. I immediately suggested Franconia Notch. There’s so much you can do and so much the area can give no matter the season. You could go totally glam, grab a few ball gowns and a tux and head on up.

What to wear and how to pose for your New Hampshire engagement session…

Go casual, wear just your normal everyday clothes — clothes that feel super comfortable. That’s what Chifique and Ghengis did. I cannot wait to shoot their New Hampshire wedding and their love just feels so familiar. He is constantly making her laugh — I think it’s probably impossible for her to get or stay mad at him.

It was super easy to walk around, give a prompt and let the two just exist together, enjoying one another. Having a day off to enjoy in the snow and a beautiful location meant a lot to both. It was perfect timing that as we arrived the snow was coming down. It kept other people off some of the trails and areas we were hoping to shoot in.

A Franconia Notch Engagement Session: Letting couples direct their engagement session

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I’m a big fan of letting couples be in control of their engagement sessions. Like having a third wheel on a date, engagement sessions should feel natural, with me acting as a guide as necessary. I want to capture your natural laugh and how just staring into each other’s eyes can make you giggle.

new hampshire wedding photographer
Franconia Notch Engagement Photos, Echo Lake

These two laughed their whole session, over anything. And a lot of that is just their love. I’m so excited for their New Hampshire wedding day. We connected because they are one of the many Noah’s Event Venue couples who lost their venue unexpectedly. Despite how much stress, and heartache that could cause, they’re strong and love one another, and that has trumped all of the challenges for them to arrive at their New Hampshire wedding day.

new hampshire wedding
Franconia Notch Engagement Photos, Echo Lake

If you loved this winter engagement session check out this winter New Hampshire wedding — we did couples portraits in the same locations just a few weeks prior.

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