Non-Alcoholic Beers, Non-Alcoholic-Wines, and Non-Alcoholic Champagnes for Weddings

Let’s chat about some of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages for weddings. I’m sober, and have been for seven years. One of the biggest problems I see faced by many young couples who might be sober is having to deal with questions and being pushed to drink on your wedding day. Instead, wielding around a champagne glass full of non-alcoholic champagne — no one is the wiser, and you don’t have to deal with any comments.

There are tons of alcohol-free drinks on the market now from champagnes and sparkling wines to pale ales, and wheat beers. Over the years, we’ve started to get to know some of the best-dealcoholized wines and beverages for special occasions just a little by accident, and more recently a little more intentionally for our couples.

We’ve put together a list of some easy-to-find and buy NA wines and beers — from ones that most hotels and bars can source, to some that are easy to order online. Here’s our list of favorite, must have de-alcoholized beverages for your wedding day:

Non-Alcoholic Wines

Sutter Homes Fre

Sutter Home makes a ton of wines from cabernet sauvignon, to sparkling rosé. Their alcohol-free wines are a 0.5% abv, after removing the alcohol from their wines. This is a great budget option for a backyard wedding and also pretty easy to request from most hotels and bars.  With their alcohol-free wines, be able to offer champagne to any of your guests — sober or drinking.

Fre Wines

A little harder to get Fre makes about 8 different white wines and red wines, as well as a few non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Full-bodied, and rich in flavor, their wines are some of our favorites and something we always have stocked for special occasions. Fantastic wine alternatives, snag some for your non-alcoholic guests.

Non-Alcoholic Beers:

Athletic Brewing Company; A Craft Non-Alcoholic Beers Company

By far one of our favorite, favorite brewing companies, Athletic Brewing is an award-winning NA craft beers company. Making dry-hopped beers accessible to those of us who are missing out on the golden age of craft brewing, I finally feel like I can enjoy this little renaissance the rest of the world has gotten with these craft NA beers.  Definitely check out their Run Wild IPA — it’s won so many awards.


Another award-winning craft non-alcoholic beers company, check out Brewdog.  Offering a non-alcoholic IPA, Nanny State, you can shop their beer online, or in-person through most craft beer stores.  Brewdog offers a variety of craft NA beers from their Pride line to their Ghostwalker line — the world’s first collaborative NA beer.  What I also love about Brewdog is that any of the bars/stores that sell alcoholic beers in their non-alcoholic beers can also be found in.

A Craft Non-Alcoholic Beers Company: Bravus Brewing

A company that makes alcohol-free beer, Bravus Brewing offers craft beers for the sober/sober-curious person.  A great option for your wedding day, snag some online through their store.  Definitely a little harder to find through a wedding venue or bar, you can purchase their beers online. With wonderful creative craft non-alcoholic beers coming down the line, try out their new blood orange IPA.

Heineken 0.0

A cheaper non-alcohol beer, Heineken 0.0 is available through most bars, and wedding venues.  Often praised as a great option compared to O’Doul’s Heineken 0.0 is pretty readily available around the US in stores like Walmart, Stop and Shop, and more.

Alcohol Free Whiskeys

We’re huge fans of other kinds of non-alcoholic beverages, like this list of alcohol-free whiskeys.  With the flavor of whiskey still captured by any of these brands, try one of these amazing whiskeys as a way to celebrate your wedding day.


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