Hiring a Proposal Photographer

As a Block Island proposal photographer and NYC proposal photographer, I cannot emphasize enough to hire a photographer for your proposal! There are different directions you can take things, and curtailing it to what you and your love needs

Proposal photography is an art all on its own. Whether you are looking for just a photographer to help capture you propose in New York City, or you’re looking for someone to help you with proposal ideas and planning, we’re game to help you out!

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Having a Proposal Photographer for the Proposal + Engagement Session

if you’re feeling something a little casual, and intimate, having a proposal photographer for both your proposal + an engagement session after is super fun. Most marriage proposals happen in either really sentimental places or super epic locations. With either direction, getting to do the candid pictures during the proposal, and then after are super meaningful! With our team, we’ll often provide the proposal coverage, and then give the couple a moment to decompress, enjoy, notify family, and then do a quick engagement session to take advantage of the location.

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Hiring a wedding proposal photographer is so key for your surprise engagement! When you pop the question, you’ll want to have epic images of you dropping to one knee. Hiring a professional is totally key — whether you want someone that’ll hide, and snag the special moment from a distance or someone who’ll capture your proposal closeby. Proposal planning can be a little overwhelming, and hiring a proposal planner is totally an option!

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Hiring a Proposal Photographer, and Keeping it a Surprise

One option that I’m obsessed with is hiring a proposal photographer, and then never letting your partner know. We’ll show up, hide in the bushes, pretending to be a tourist, whatever, photograph the key moments and maybe a few before/afters, and then take off — never actually meeting up with you. As a result, you can later surprise your partner with the photos, make them a wedding gift, or an engagement gift later. Getting to surprise your partner later just extends the celebrations far beyond just a one-night thing.

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Having a surprise proposal and having a photographer who captured the moment will totally mean the world to your partner, with or without engagement photos at the same time. New York City, and Central Park are perfect locations for a secret proposal.

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Having that Extravagant Proposal and Your Proposal Team

For the person that wants to go all out. having that extravagant proposal is totally possible! Whether that means having a picnic on a boat or showing up to a restaurant shortly after to surprise your partner with all of the friends, and family, there are plenty of ways to go all out for your proposal.

If you’re wanting to go all out, hire a photo + video team. I promise you will never remember what you said, no one ever does, and nor will your surprise-ee! Having that audio will allow you both to remember it forever. One other option is to write it all down before you propose, and frame it as a present for your propose-ee!

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