Our Oregon Elopement Guide: The Best Tricks and Tips

Let’s talk all things Oregon elopement. Are you thinking about eloping in the Pacific Northwest? Oregon is one of our favorite states to elope in. With diverse landscapes, mountain views, rock formations, National Parks, and National Forests, there are so many options to sneak away for a private and intimate elopement.

Oregon elopements can be as low-key or high-key as you want. Snag a van for your elopement week, and travel up and down the coast before hitting your location, or book something super bougie near Bend and spend the week with champagne and a hot tub overlooking mountains.

Let’s briefly chat about some good tips and things to know, as well as some of our fan-favorite locations for an Oregon elopement.

Oregon Elopements: Tips and Tricks

We are huge fans of eloping in Oregon for a variety of reasons. First off there are no witness requirements. You can truly have an intimate elopement just the two of you. You definitely want to reach out to the local town and county offices for where you’re eloping to make sure you can get the paperwork squared away properly.

Secondly, there are so many different Oregon elopement locations that are incredible and epic, as well as accessible. Thirdly, Oregon is a pretty cool place to visit if you don’t already live there. Whether you see Oregon by van or just from a top-floor hotel room, there’s plenty of epic locations for an elopement.

We highly recommend flying to and from Portland Oregon and spending a few days there to get to know the city, before heading out to your location for your adventure elopement. Whether you’re eloping in Eastern Oregon or on the coast, having those few days as a little retreat will make all the difference when you arrive at your elopement location.

Best Practices as an Oregon Elopement Photographer

There are a few best practices that I think are really key to keep in mind for your elopement. Leave No Trace is an important part of any experience outside and we are very firm in following the principles of Leave No Trace.

With that in mind, we often opt for no wedding flowers on the trails and instead take lanterns, silk flowers, or similar. Instead of confetti on a trail, we often opt to do so at the house or Airbnb, and instead of champagne, there are lots of sparkling waters that’ll produce a similar effect.

Being mindful of the trails is really key. These locations do wear away and change the more we impact them. I often am a little particular about the locations that I suggest, and the spots in a specific location that I suggest when working with a couple. There are iconic locations, and iconic spots but I like to dig deeper and find something more specific and intimate for each couple.

Best Places to Elope in Oregon (the short version!)

We have a whole blog post coming about our top 40 locations in Oregon for an elopement, so we picked out some of our very favorites for this blog post.

Smith Rock State Park

If you’re looking for rock formations and an epic mountainside elopement without coastal vibes, Smith Rock State Park is the right location for you. With the expansiveness of Smith Rock State Park, it’s easy to find spots to tuck away from the crowds.

Indian Beach

Located within Ecola State Park, this beach offers epic elopement views, and cliffside spots to say I do. Nearby you’ll find Crescent Beach Trailhead, a lesser trafficked trail offering similar expansive and gorgeous views.

Mount Hood

Sitting atop Mount Hood you’ll find Timberline Lodge, a perfect spot to hide away for a few days or a week for your elopement. You’ll have epic views just from the lodge but can also hike out to find even more incredible landscapes.

Latourell Falls

Off the Columbia River Gorge, you’ll find Latourell Falls. One of the most epic waterfall views in the US, this is the SPOT for an elopement with a waterfall. A 2.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back, definitely hit this spot on a weekday at sunrise — you’ll be fighting the crowds otherwise.

Cannon Beach

One of the most iconic and famous spots in Oregon, Cannon Beach is definitely a fan favorite for elopements. The best part? You can find hidden tucks and spots without all the tourists and locals. A long beach, with lots of rock formations and beautiful areas, walk the beach hand in hand until you find the location that makes sense.

Haystack Rock

Located on Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock is an epic spot for your elopement. Whether you’re a local or from far away, this iconic location is absolutely breathtaking. It can be a little tricky as it’s such a popular location but at sunrise on a weekday, you should have good luck finding a view of Haystack without crowds.

Hug Point

In Arch Cape, you’ll find Hug Point. With a small tourist town close by there are lots of options to stay and eat near Hug Point. A gorgeous, and iconic location in Oregon, enjoy expansive views of the Oregon cliffy-coast from Hug Point.

If you loved getting to know these Oregon elopement tips and tricks, check out this article on our favorite non-traditional wedding attire to help you plan that elopement.


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