Philadelphia Engagement Photos

Let’s get to know these two during their Philadelphia engagement photos. The two opted for an entirely indoor engagement session at the Inn at Penn. With their wedding in Mexico, they wanted to do something different for their engagement photos.

The couple entirely styled their session to fit this retro bar in downtown Philadelphia. Moving through the bar, up into the lobby was a perfect way to change environments and have diverse images both sitting, standing, and in other positions.

philadelphia engagement photos
Engagement Photos at the Inn at Penn

Getting to Know the Couple

The couple is so excited to get married! Saying I do in Puerto Vallarta will be such an amazing experience. When the couple sent off Tequila, succulents, and duffels to their wedding party, all of their friends hopped on Insta to share in the joy of the impending nuptuals.

With COVID, the two haven’t had a normal wedding planning experience. Giselle got to try on dresses at home through the service The White Dress at Home (just a $75 fee to ship 5 dresses!). Her and friends took over a hotel room with champagne, wedding dresses, and beautiful charcuterie boards.

pa engagement session
Philadelphia Engagement Photos at the Inn at Penn

How to Plan for an Engagement Session

Like planning for a wedding, you can bring the fire to your engagement session by ensuring you check a few boxes. Make sure you’re going to do something during your engagement session. Whether it’s take a hike, get drinks, whatever, just go do things together. When you’re in the act of hanging out together doing that thing, your mind doesn’t focus on how you look but rather what you’re up to.

I love to use engagement photos as part of your love story and the story telling process of your wedding. Think of the engagement session and your engagement photos as a way to tell your friends and family part of your love story. From there, build a few ideas to bounce around until you find one that really resonates for you.

Have fun during your engagement session

Where to do Your Philadelphia Engagement Photos

There are so many places to do your engagement session. Giselle and Lacie chose the Inn at Penn’s lobby and downstairs bar. The retro bar fit the vibe that they were looking for absolutely perfectly and was a location that hasn’t been often done. It was really important to the couple to create incredible engagement photos that didn’t look like everyone else’s.

You don’t have to do your engagement photos where everyone else does. Think about places you spend a lot of time, things you love to do and go from there. Don’t overcomplicate where you should do your engagement photos. The perfect location could be your house, the walk you take to your favorite cafe, or mountains and beaches.

engagement session at the inn at penn
Indoor Engagement Photos

Your Philadelphia Engagement Photos: What to Wear

I hear this question all the time: what do we wear? Any recommendations? Wear layers, and pick out 3-4 colors to weave throughout the layers. When you wear clothes that match perfectly, it looks unnatural, and a little stiff. Picking out clothing that has 3-4 colors woven through them makes the photos look more natural, and candid — more organic.

What to wear also depends on the environment. These two wouldn’t be running in Calvin Kleins in the hotel lobby, it wouldn’t match the environment. The colors and tones of the furniture matches what they wore + the vibe of the clothing they chose.

indoor engagement photos
Sitting at the bar at the Inn at Penn

Why Having Video at Your Engagement Session is Important

Giselle and Valacia opted to bring their videographer to their engagement session. It was a brilliant ideas as we had the opportunity to all work together and figure out our grove before playing that game on your wedding day.

This again gives you another opportunity to create more story telling content for your wedding day.

philadelphia engagement photos

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