San Diego Engagement Photographer: Top SoCal Engagement Session Locations

San Diego Engagement Photographer

As a San Diego engagement photographer, let’s talk all of my favorite San Diego area engagement session locations. There are so many different locations within the city, and county limits, as well as just outside. Let’s talk about them:

San Diego Engagement Photographer: Engagement Session Locations within San Diego City Limits

Within the city limits of San Diego, there are tons of spots to explore, play, and get epic engagement photos. With warm weather year round, and lush greenery, beautiful beaches, there’s lots to explore.

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Sessions

One of the most iconic locations in San Diego, the Sunset Cliffs are a favorite spot for engagement sessions. Explore, and have fun — don’t just stick to one little area. There’s tons of locations within the area that will work beautifully. For clothing, don’t be afraid to dress up or dress down, just be you! The location can swing in whatever direction you want it to from full gowns and formal attire, to more casual jeans and t-shirts.

Point Lomo Engagements

Point Lomo is yet another iconic San Diego location — with the gorgeous and historic lighthouse in the distance. Another versatile location, explore the area to get diverse engagement photos. Perfect for sunrise or sunset, Point Lomo offers gorgeous golden hour and sunrise beach photos, with San Diego off in the distance.

Coronado Beach Engagement Photos

One of the most iconic beaches in San Diego, Coronado Beach offers beautiful beach sessions with the lapping Pacific in the background. Walking around the beach there’s loads of little green oasis’s just off shore to weave in and out of.

San Diego Engagement Photographer: Engagement Session Locations within San Diego County

Julian Engagement Sessions

Up in the mountains, Julian is a sweet little PNW-esque oasis between the beach and the desert. The temperature change might be a little jarring, but hopefully you find yourself in Julian when it’s mystically foggy. The greens are deep and rich up in the forests, and you’ll be able to find yourself loads of gorgeous locations just driving around. Make sure to stop in Julian for pizza, and beer — it’s some of the best!

Del Mar Bluffs Engagement Photos

Just about an hour north of San Diego is the Del Mar Bluffs. On the coast, it’s the perfect spot for cliff side engagement photos, and a sweet day trip somewhere pretty. With tons of restaurants in town, don’t forget to stop somewhere for lunch or dinner, and take a few shots there. Another location where you can dress up or dress down, bring a variety of clothing to wear while you’re there.

Borego Springs Engagements

Closer to the desert, Borego Springs is about an hours drive from the city of San Diego.

San Diego Engagement Photographer: Engagement Session Locations near San Diego County Area

Joshua Tree for Engagement Sessions

Just a short, and beautiful two hour drive from San Diego, Joshua Tree and the Yucca Valley offer so many options for your engagement session. An awesome weekend getaway for you and your love, spend a weekend away, and celebrate your engagement with your wedding photographer. My favorite part about the San Diego greater area is that you honestly don’t need to go to anything particularly specific, or a trendy location, just drive around. This statement couldn’t be more truer than in Joshua Tree.

Driving around with your wedding photographer, you’ll learn a lot. And honestly, this is my favorite part about these extended sessions, when a client becomes a friend, when we get to adventure together. I get to see what you look like under pressure, and you get to see me under pressure. And we have an unforgettable experience together.

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Salton Sea Engagement Sessions

First precautionary tale: this place stinks. It’s honestly not as bad as I originally thought and was forewarned, but none the less, I would never get in the water without a shower available relatively soon. We couldn’t shower for 2 days so we decided no water.

That said, bumping around the Salton Sea there’s lots of beautiful environments for epic engagement sessions. With the bit of a blank canvas that you have, dappled in art and sculptures, play around with what your couple is wearing or what they’re doing posing wise — you’ve got a lot of space to roam, and play.

Frog Creek Engagement Sessions

If you’re into offroad, bingo, this is the spot. I will say, don’t go if you’ve never been offroading — although it looks easy, this shit isn’t for the weak of heart, and you need to be good behind the wheel. Things can get gnarly out there, and you want to be with people who can hold their own, and hold you up, and vice versa.

Always make sure you bring water, water, sunblock, more water, and some solid protein options. This is another spot thats perfect to just drive around in until you find something perfect for you. Definitely stop at the Iron Bar if you get the chance, find out dollar bill stapled to the wall, and send us a photo!

San Diego Engagement Photographer: What to wear, and other tips for engagement sessions


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