Self Quarantine — Binge-Worthy Netflix

Staying healthy during the coronavirus scare is totally important and one of the ways we can all do a little more for society is self quarantine. HOWEVER, I know I’ll not rock quarantining myself without some solid binge worthy tv show.

Self Quarantine Netflix Binging: Grey’s Anatomy

This is the show that has released the flood gates of tears for me for 10+ years. I LOVE this show and could watch it over and over again. Watching the characters grow up over the years and connecting with them over and over about so many relatable issues while getting sucked into so many of the dynamics and medical quandaries — it’s the perfect binge-worthy tv shows for a 2-week self quarantine.

Netflix Binging during a Self Quarantine: Love is Blind

binge worthy netflix self quarantine love is blind

YES YES YES!!! This is like trash gold. Absolutely the best trashy TV that’s on right now and completely, utterly addictive. It’s such a bizarre show and you’ll never be able to turn away — watched it for 8 hours on a train ride to Delaware once.


self quarantine supernatural

15 year old and 30 year old me cannot get enough of Supernatural. On Season 15 (filming recently halted because of coronavirus) it is THE BEST bingeworthy 90’s show. Follow two gorgeous men through their adventures saving the lives of those around them. It’s a show both you and your rom-com hating boo can watch — thank you monsters and demons.


binge-worthy netflix pokemon

Relieve the freaking 90’s baby and watch some Pokemon while you self-quarantine. You’ll get sick of all the adult-tv and want something a little more silly. So why not a favorite 90’s cartoon show?

With 25+ seasons on here, you should be able to make it through 2 weeks of self quarantining. IF NOT: we have a must reads blog post coming up with some amazing business and personal development books.

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