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Everyone is feeling some sort of way right now. Personally? Helping others during coronavirus will likely help lift your moods a little. Lifting others up always brings a smile and there is never a better time to support others. Feed your First Responders First responders are out there risking their lives every day anyway and […]

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Okay, so you’re washing your hands 103281 times a day. How dry are they now? Thank you coronavirus for extending dry skin season just when there was light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got some hand lotion options for ya to save your hands through this crisis. Top Hand Lotion: Bag Balm If […]

Blargh, all everyone is talking about is PANIC VIRUS FEAR CRISIS CORONAVIRUS. So here are the feel-good stories we all need right now. Here’s the good stuff, you know, the feel-good stories happening around the world right now. And if you’re looking for silly date night options after this, we got you. ALL THE FEEL […]

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The coronavirus COVID19 crisis is impacting a lot of things — date night is a big one for some couples. Time to connect after lots of work and busy lives is essential to making relationships work. Here are a few date ideas during self-isolation to get the passion fire lit during these next few weeks. […]

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We LOVE educational videos. I could rot my brain out with Love is Blind and there’s definitely a time and place for it (after editing a full wedding in 4 hours) BUT with so much time on our hands and the kiddos home, I think we all need a rundown of some of the top […]

Phew, Coronavirus Wedding impacts, before we go anywhere into this, let’s take some deep breaths. Grab your hot cocoa, or that latte that you made with this milk frother that’s making all your Starbucks desires come true from your self-quarantine. Your wedding is being postponed and you’re not even sure where to begin. I get […]

Right now, life is getting a little wild out there. I’m still shocked by toilet paper shortages, thank you coronavirus scares. For real, y’all all got years and years of toilet paper stocked up but what about your Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Zinc, pre/probiotics, and more? Boosting your immune system and keeping healthy […]