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We’ve got some time to kill at home and BOYA you just got engaged — here is a wedding planning timeline filled with tips and tricks for your big day. Why not plan that wedding out and get it done before the end of the coronavirus hibernation period? Who wants to spend 12 months or […]

Here’s some easy peasy wedding planning to do’s that you can accomplish during a self quarantine: Get ready for 14 days of wedding planning, tv shows and more. Here are some wedding planning tips for your 14 days of social distancing. Wedding Planning Tips: Timeline Now is the time to get your timeline under control. […]

Staying healthy during the coronavirus scare is totally important and one of the ways we can all do a little more for society is self quarantine. HOWEVER, I know I’ll not rock quarantining myself without some solid binge worthy tv show. Self Quarantine Netflix Binging: Grey’s Anatomy This is the show that has released the […]

Many of us are in a total coronavirus panic right now and no one really has any answers to alllll the questions we all want to ask. Let’s all take that big deep breath. It’s your wedding day. No matter what, you can get married on that day and be married that day. If you’re […]

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Someone must of said awkward titles lead to awkward blogs. Who cares.  It’s about time we talked about ways to distract yourself from all the wedding planning stress. Having some wedding ACTIVITIES — for funsies — with your crew is ESSENTIAL. You know, what you’re going to do around your wedding day to have fun […]

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Hiring a wedding planner? Let’s get to why.

What is a first look? The age-old debate… WHAT IS A FIRST LOOK AND IS IT IMPORTANT. A first look is between two folks getting married. The two fiance’s meet up at a gorgeous location to get a “first look” at each other in private. It’s a special, private moment to share just between the […]