The Atlantic Inn: A Historic Block Island Wedding Venue

Open since 1879, The Atlantic Inn is known for its Victorian charm. Overlooking Old Harbor the Atlantic Inn has a beautiful veranda where you can eat hot or cold tapas on the deck. On Wednesday evenings they offer Jazz night which is a huge hit! 

The Atlantic Inn: A Block Island Wedding Venue

359 High St, New Shoreham, RI 02807 P. O. Box 1788

Block Island, RI 02807 Phone: (401) 466-5883
There are 21 rooms at the Atlantic Inn and a beautiful view of the sunrise every morning. If you’re looking for more space there is a cottage in the back that is similar to a studio apartment and has a full kitchenette. Looking to orchestrate an event at the Atlantic Inn? Innkeeper Brad will assist you and go over the top to fulfill all bride’s and groom’s (and nearlywed’s) wishes/ dreams for your wedding day! 

Our Favorite Block Island Wedding Planning Tips

A few critical things you should check off the list early are booking the three hardest vendors on Block Island. Those vendors include DJs, hair and makeup artists, and officiants. Let me share my knowledge of accredited vendors. 

Booking a DJ on Block Island for Your Atlantic Inn Wedding

Here are a few of the most popular DJs that regularly hit Block Island.
John O’Neill is a very commonly used DJ on the island — you can find him at
There is also Dan Moran  a widely renowned  DJ with over a decade of experience in weddings. 

I suggest looking into a DJ as soon as you book your venue. There is a 2-night minimum stay at most hotels, I recommend having your DJ come the night before your wedding. They will need help getting their equipment from the ferry to any venue — you could have them snag a taxi, but they have a LOT of gear. I recommend staying in touch with your DJ and connecting them with the venue at least two months before the wedding as there may be some extra challenges to be figured out with some of the historic venues. 

Booking a Block Island Hair and Makeup Artist:

There are two very experienced businesses for hair and makeup on Block Island: Koru Spa and Salt. It would be best to try to book your trials to coincide with venue walk-throughs and an engagement session on the island. I’d get in touch with both fast and book them similarly, as soon as you book your venue.

Booking a Block Island Officiant:

Going through the town hall is a must when getting married on Block Island. You have to make an appointment ahead of time to fill out your marriage license. The Town Hall also has a list of officiants. Reach out to them as soon as your venue is booked as well. Remember that your license must be dropped off to Town Hall within 72 hours of your wedding day.

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