Tips for Working From Home With Children.

I’m going to add some helpful hints for those working from home with children. I spent the first 2 years working full time from home with my son, so I get it! He was not the perfect napper or anything so I’ll have some real advice versus just work when they nap.

A typical schedule from my nannying/WFH with children days could look like the following:

working from home with children schedule, coronavirus
Working from home with children schedule.

Tip #1: Distract the Minions.

The tiny people in your house are going to be focused on spending time with you and that’s valid. But let’s distract them a little. Throw on a solid TV show (Rescue Bots and My Little Pony are actually pretty amazing on Netflix, plus Netflix also has Planet Earth). If you’re still going to stick to anti-TV options what about virtual tours of museums or streamed Operas? What about music lessons? Or indigenous educators teaching about history?

Throw that laptop up while they dive in and work while they’re watching a 30-minute show. Pull out the 30-minute long tasks that you have and complete them while they’re watching that show.

Tip #2: Multi-Task with Your Children.

Set them up for an activity and then get to work. Be within reach to supervise and monitor the chaos, but you don’t need to be involved IN the chaos. Setup something for the kids to get into: play-doh, legos, building with blocks. Put all the other toys around them away, and get to worrrrkk. It may only last 30-45 minutes but that’s absolutely still a chunk that you can get to work on before having to jump back into parenting.

Tip #3: Compartmentalize and Give Yourself Forgiveness.

I think a lot of us really FIGHT to be perfect. I get it, been there, and I’ve found what it more often than not does is just make me crazy. Like legit, make me so stressed out that I’m a straight loooon and cannot get anything done at all.

Give yourself some forgiveness. None of us are perfect and you know, finding a new rhythm when working from home with children is HARD and takes time. Give yourself some patience, grace and love each day through all that is happening and this transition.


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