Hello world! I’m a Traveling Wedding Photographer

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Welcome to Seas Mtns Co!

I’m Eli — the main photographer, post/pre production person, the everything person.  That’s not me in the picture and it is one of my favorite images from an elopement. It’s free-lensed, which is where you literally use your hand (the lens is detached from the body of the camera) to focus.

Travel is my schtick — it’s what I do for work and for play. Be a die hard traveler and we’ll get along superbly.  I also LOVE to dance. I promise you, if you have a DJ at your event, you’ll catch me dancing at some point. It’s in my blood.

Wedding photography has taken me just about anywhere in New England and now nationally and internationally. I started out in EMS and I’m so thankful I have that emergency medical background. I’ve needed it on a few occasions at weddings and elopements — it’s just a handy skillset to have. I was a front desk worker at the Spring House Hotel on Block Island when I got into photography. I learned from some of the best about how to run a wedding day — it was an instrumental foundation to being a phenomenal wedding photographer.

Enough about me — go check out my work. Shoot me an email telling me about you! Not just the date you’re looking for but your likes and dislikes, your wedding DREAMS. I want to make them a reality.

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