A Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding — Anna & Noah

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Groom + Groomsmen in Brookline Chapel

Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding

Ahhh a Valentine’s Day Weekend Wedding! People knock winter weddings but like I said on IG the other day there are four seasons for a reason! Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning! Winter light in the Northeast makes for incredible lighting for portraits and there are lots of vendors that give discounts for a winter wedding — plus you won’t compete with your friends for a sweet wedding date.

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Chapel Wedding Bridal Portraits

Pizza + Donuts + Quaint Chapels

This Valentine’s Day weekend, Anna & Noah threw a perfect winter wedding — complete with donuts and trivia — at a gorgeous little chapel in Brookline NH. Instead of blowing $$ money on steak or more, Anna & Noah chose pizza and donuts for their wedding food, with garlic knots for apps.

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NH Wedding First look

Flumageddon + Goofy Couples

I send out a client questionnaire to get to know our clients, and these two put themselves as sort of silly. THAT WAS A BIG FAT LIE. It was easy to warm up to them on their wedding day as they’re goofy AF just like my beau & I. Flumageddon kept me a little quiet, thankfully I wasn’t contagious and stayed back + kept myself sterilized at all times so as not to spread anything.

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When You’re Comfortable to Be You…

We honestly don’t need to do much work and portraits + formals feel more like hanging out with your family and friends (and your partner of course). Anna + Noah’s friends made it easy to whip through the “have to” photos so we could have fun and focus on being present in the day. The group was super comfy being their goofy, silly, wild self.

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Picking a Diverse Environment Means…

You have diverse photos. Noah and Anna’s wedding was held at a chapel less than 5 minutes from a state park perfect for photos, a bridge perfect for formals, and their reception. Even on the property, we had the stone walls of the chapel and the wooded backdrop as it’s in a rural area. Anna and Noah will have just so much more with so many diverse backdrops.

valentine's day weekend wedding

Keeping it Simple + Focusing on Each Other

My favorite part about their wedding is, like discussed, how the couple kept things simple and focused on each other and their friends and family. Keeping it simple means the focus stays on each other and not all the details. Weddings don’t have to be expensive and ornate to be gorgeous and worthwhile — it’s about connecting with each other after all. <3

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