Vermont Barn Wedding Venues

Although we absolutely love island wedding venues, Vermont barn wedding venues are probably a top 2 contender. Here’s our list of favorite Vermont barn wedding venues.

The Barn at Smugglers: A Smugglers Vermont Wedding Venue

55 Stebbins Rd, Jeffersonville, VT 05464

The Barn at Smugglers Notch is a photographers DREAM barn venue. Whitewashed interior (no red lighttt) with touches of beautiful timber frame woodwork — there isn’t a barn venue like this. The exterior is a mountain view field of wildflowers that is absolutely stunning for portraits and your ceremony.

With both the Smugglers Notch Resort and Stowe a close 20-minute drive, there are ample spaces for your friends and family to stay and enjoy the Vermont mountains.

The Vermont Wedding Barn at Champlain Valley Farm: A Middlebury Vermont Wedding Venue

152 Merino Ln, Bridport, VT 05734

One word: alpacas. The Vermont Wedding Barn is also a working farm — Champlain Valley Farm. Who wants portraits with animals?! The venue combines my own two worlds: weddings and farms.

After doing a neighbor’s daughter’s wedding a few years back, the wedding venue decided to open to the public. The venue doesn’t restrict which vendors you use and boasts a relaxed and carefree wedding experience.

Camp Thorpe: A Goshen Vermont Wedding Venue

680 Capen Hill Rd Goshen, VT 05733

What I absolutely LOVE about Camp Thorpe is the outside barn-like pavilion. It’s very different from many of the barn venues in Vermont and New England.

The cabins onsite are also available for rent, giving your guests a weekend getaway for your wedding. The venue offers a flat fee for a whole estate rental for the WHOLE weekend which is less than $10K.

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