Von Trapp Lodge Wedding Venue: A Vermont Engagement Session During Fall Foliage

We’re huge fans of Von Trapp Lodge wedding venue, a quintessential Vermont wedding venue tucked into the Stowe area. A large hotel with lots of rental properties onsite, a brewery, restaurant, and tons of outdoor seasonal sports (no matter the season). The lodge is a perfect location for a Vermont engagement session anytime of year, but absolutely stunning in the fall.

Von Trapp Lodge Wedding: The Perfect Weekend New England Destination Wedding Venue

The Von Trapp Lodge wedding venue is a perfect weekend New England destination wedding venue. There are multiple rental properties and guest rooms on the premises.  The Lodge has mountain views from just about anywhere on the property.  Engagement photos anywhere onsite capture the natural beauty of Vermont.

The Lodge offers cross country skiing, biking, hiking, or just lounging around in beautiful rooms featuring Austrian-inspired architecture.  Located in Stowe, Vermont, the Von Trapp Lodge wedding venue was founded by the Von Trapp family after fleeing from Europe.  The unique mountain resort features so many parts of the historic family’s story (as seen in the Sound of Music).

von trapp lodge wedding

Seasonal Outdoor Sports at the Von Trapp Lodge Wedding Venue

The family that inspired the Sound of Music, the Von Trapps, were heavily invested in outdoor sports and activities.  The mountains have tons of trails, a hidden chapel and more.  On your wedding day you could easily do yoga in the gardens in the morning and hike the next day to burn off the cake and champagne.

With Lake Champlain and Shelburne Farms close by, there ample opportunities for things to do for a weekend or a week no matter the season.  A lot of Vermont is covered in rivers and mountains, but this particular area is absolutely stunning.

von trapp lodge wedding
Vermont Engagement Session

A weekend getaway in the Mountains

The two decided to have a weekend getaway for their engagement shoot up in the mountains.  To get in front of the camera always seems a little daunting, so the two decided to do something a little different.  Taking walks and just chatting about life, and the wedding venue, we had a great time getting to know each other and taking engagement photos.

von trapp lodge wedding
Vermont Engagement Session

A historical venue with mountain views

The venue has gorgeous views from anywhere on the property.  The dining room looks over the front-facing views and the gardens and farms.  Walking around the property offers so many options.  The rooms themselves are historic, unique rooms with Austrian themes and ornate architecture.  

Throughout the property not only is history preserved in the buildings and structures but in the activities and amenities.

von trapp lodge wedding
Vermont Engagement Session

Finding the hidden chapel 

During the tour of Von Trapp Lodge wedding venue, we decided to look for the hidden chapel.  Up in the mountain behind the Lodge is a chapel that the Von Trapp family used for religious activities and family events.  It’s a gorgeous, historic stone chapel built into the side of the mountain.  It’s a perfect spot for a picnic, to read to one another, or a secret proposal.

von trapp lodge wedding
Vermont Engagement Session

What to wear and where to go for engagement sessions…

I get asked this all the time: what do I wear and where do we go? What do we do? My answers are always the same.  You wear what feels most comfortable for you, we go where you feel comfortable, and we do an activity that you love.

When you’re able to feel as vulnerable as possible you do all the little things that make you you.  The way your eyes glimmer when your partner puts their arms around you, or how you giggle when they make you laugh. All those little moments are what I want to capture. 

If you want to learn more about some of the best tips and tricks to engagement sessions, learn more by clicking here.

von trapp lodge wedding
  1. Beautiful! I love how natural the photos are, and I feel like the landscape will just swallow me up 🙂 Fantastic!

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