Wedding Activities: Why Not Bowling!?

Someone must of said awkward titles lead to awkward blogs. Who cares.  It’s about time we talked about ways to distract yourself from all the wedding planning stress. Having some wedding ACTIVITIES — for funsies — with your crew is ESSENTIAL. You know, what you’re going to do around your wedding day to have fun with friends and family versus hyper focus on wedding planning, cause no you’re definitely not doing that.

but why bowling as a wedding activity?…

Just got back from a night of bowling and I HAVEN’T DONE THAT IN AGES. So, I thought about how awesome that would be for a wedding-fun-acitvity, and y’all, as fate would have it, my 2/1 client texts to say we’re going bowling after the wedding.  This is only one of the wedding activties we’ll enjoy this upcoming weekend. We’re also going to have a hand casting ceremony and potentially a live painter. For a small wedding, there’s a lot of little touches.  Making sure you have diverse wedding activities to keep folks entertained and moving through the day means a lot for your guests.



Higher Power. How are you? I see you…

Bowling is the perfect get silly and hang out with your friends activity. Throwing a ball at pins, wrecklessly, when like 10% of the world’s 7 billion people actually know what they’re doing with this IS PERFECT. It’s not something most people are going to shine at, unless you’re my partner Nate, and goofy fun activities are the best way to bond.  This isn’t the only wedding this year we’ll be going to where bowling is one of the wedding activities.

I have found photographing too many weddings in 3 years, I say that with love, that goofy stuff = good times. It limits judgment and shame from creeping in and supports everyone just laughing together. And what a unique experience — who the ef actually goes bowling anymore these days (aha, I do…).   

Plus it can be pretty cheap + weather proof (it’s not an outdoor activity, YESSS) and alcohol can be involved. So why not right?

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