Wedding Planning Tips to Complete During a Self Quarantine

Here’s some easy peasy wedding planning to do’s that you can accomplish during a self quarantine: Get ready for 14 days of wedding planning, tv shows and more. Here are some wedding planning tips for your 14 days of social distancing.

Wedding Planning Tips: Timeline

Now is the time to get your timeline under control. Shoot an email out to your MIV — Most Important Vendors: Makeup artist, venue, photog/videographer, officiant and DJ. Ask questions about how long they need for their job, and explain what parts of the day are already planned (ie. the church only has 2PM open for your ceremony, so that ceremony is happening at 2PM).

There might be tricks and tips that will help them do their job more efficiently and save you time. Having you go first for hair and makeup means you could do your portraits while everyone else is putting on their hair and makeup and dresses. More time for you to really do a deep dive for your portraits and one thing checked off the list earlier in the day.

wedding planning, figuring out sunset

Check with Google as to what time sunset is in your area and check-in with the photographer about golden hour. These are some of the best times for wedding party portraits. You can literally just Google “sunset [[location]] [[date]]” and it’ll spit out the time of sunset on that date, past or future.

Wedding Planning Tips: Seating Arrangements

This is one of those things that gets left to legit the last minute. Figure out your seating arrangements now while you got some free time and pass the project off to a calligrapher or other wedding professional who will help you display the seating chart.

Use Your Time: Decor + Any DIY Touches

Scroll through Pinterest and get all the decor ideas finalized. You can easily get some DIY touches completed during this time too. Know that according to most resources, shipped products aren’t carrying the virus so Amazon your way all the decor + DIY stuff that you need.

Get Ahead: Thank you cards

Get your thank you cards totally prepped so that you don’t have to worry about them after your wedding. It’ll make life so much easier to have them all ready to go so that all you have to do is put what they got you on them, seal it up and send ’em out.

There’s some projects for your self quarantine — if you’re like me and want a few binge-worthy shows while you work, we got those too.

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