What’s My Photography Bucketlist?…

I get this a LOT: Where is the coolest place you’ve shot. I can think of like 20… And compared to what’s on the bucket list, they’re honestly, meh.

So: here’s my bucket list of locations I want to shoot. Hopefully you want a session and/or a wedding there and we can go fulfill my bucketlist dreams together.

REMINDER: I haven’t shot at any of these locations, so none of these images are my own.

(1) Lyons France

I LOVE France. I visited as a teenager for 3 months, gained a legit food baby as a result of this wonderful woman’s French cooking (I also mistook the French phrase for I’m pregnant with I’m full — she was horrified), and was in awe of just about everything. I’ll cancel all the things, find all the associate shooters, let’s go. My French is rusty and it’ll totally be fine.

(2) Haiti

When I was pregnant I had these grand plans of traveling the world with my son while costs for him to fly places were low. Sadly, Family Court disagrees with the idea of having a world-traveling toddler so this was never crossed off the list. I’m obsessed with the small communities and culture of Haiti and have been forever. The colors, the people, the food are all so rich and vibrant. Yes YES YES.

(3) Iceland

I feel like this is every photographers dream. Iceland is absolutely 110% gorgeous and an incredible way to have that perfect elopement. The creamy textures of rolling green hills, cliffsides, black sands, fog… It’s a photographer’s wet dream. It’s like the holy grail of photography — you know you’ve made it when you’ve shot an elopement here.

(4) Big Sur

Cali is gorg. And these rough, remote cliffs are the epitome of incredible. If you care at all about golden hour this is the spot to catch the most gorgeous golden hour of all time. I don’t care if you’re a photographer this should be on your top 10 of places to visit just for the visuals.

(5) Banff

I don’t think I’ve ever seen stiller water, It’s gorgeous and I need to go. Now.

(6) Paris France

Paris is like the opposite of the Lyon country side. I love France so of course two French locations are listed here. The farmer’s markets have this really incredible feel to them. I’d love to just roam the city with a couple on an epic date of farmer’s market, romantic historic locations and making out in city parks under the Eiffel Tower. Mmm, Paris.

(7) Amalfi Coast Italy

Have you seen the pictures? The cliffs, the boats, the narrow streets, the food. Let’s go. It’s a gorgeous European coastal community I have been dying to get my shutter in front of. We’ll jump off boats off the coast, and hike through city streets (if you can call them city streets?) and drink coffee in cafe’s at the best time of day, not the morning.

(8) Old Quebec City

I visited here almost annually as a teen and am dying to go back. I’m not far from Old Quebec City and the food, not just the gorgeous city and views are calling my name. Let’s go explore the city and catch you and your love in the most genuine of interactions in a historic beautiful city.


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